Credit Score

Improve Your Credit Score by 100 Points in Less Than a Month

In most cases you can easily improve your credit score by at least 100 points within a month. The key to doing this is focus, organization, and having the right techniques. I have counseled thousands of people over the years on how

How I Finally Got a Perfect 836 Credit Score

Today is an exciting day for me. After almost 10 years of blogging about my credit improvement journey, I have finally achieved what I believe is a nearly perfect FICO credit score: 836. My credit repair journey started when I had a

What Your Credit Score Range Means

When your credit score is under 750, you probably have a negative entry like a late payment. The easiest way to quickly improve your credit score is to get that negative entry removed. If you’re the type of person who would rather

5 Amazingly Simple Techniques to Optimize Your Credit Score

Forget maxing out your credit cards, here are some easy techniques anyone can use to max out your credit score. Most of these techniques can be used by those who have both good and bad credit. I recommend that you try to

Does Your Credit Score Affect Your Self Worth?

I got online today after an awesome vacation in the Caribbean with my wife to find my February statement from TransUnion in my inbox. In February I finally met my longterm credit score goal of 775. Wow… it was sort of a

A Bank Account Closure Does Not Affect Your FICO Score

Question We are a military family and move often. We had one open bank account in our old home town that we never used, but since we both had to be present to close, just have never closed. My husband paid a

Calculate When A Negative Entry Will Be Removed From Your Credit Report

Question I have two negative accounts on my credit report that have been sitting there for a few years. Other than those, my credit report has only accounts that are on time. I have recently started to try and really jump my

How Paying Off Debt Affects Your Credit Score

Question How soon will my credit score improve after I pay off my debt? I am trying to figure out what is important. I was hoping you might be able to give me some insight. My Response I wouldn’t expect a huge

Does Your Spouse’s Credit Score Affect Your Credit Score?

Question Once divorce, does my ex-husband’s credit score get better since the bad debt was under my name? My Response No, credit scores and marriage are not tied together. If you are getting a loan together, they may take both credit scores

Remove Collection Account Without Hurting Your Credit Score

Question My Girlfriend just got a letter from a collection agency, with an account number and the amount of $150 dollars that is owed. She never recieved any mail or phone calls regarding this amount from the original creditor, and does not