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Credit Cards

How to Reopen a Closed Credit Card Account


  1. Chase sucks! I have had a card since 1989 and they just closed it, because I hadn’t used it in a while. So I used it last month and paid it off – they closed it anyway. I have excellent credit and they would NOT re-activate the card. 29 years of use and loyalty and they would no nothing!

  2. Is there a time limit for which you can ask a creditor to reopen an account?
    I opened an account in 2003, kept up with payments and closed (Thought I was doing the right thing at the time) it in 2006.
    Should I even bother asking if they’d consider reopening the account or has too much time passed?

    1. I was going to ask the same question. I had 2 capital one cards opened in 2007. I closed one of them in 2012. I wonder if they would reopen my account.

  3. What if a credit card is currently in collections and sends an offer to reopen your account.

    They are offering to reopen the account for the amount owed and change the debt from charge off to settled. There will be no available balance on the new card when it is issued and will put me at 100% usage.
    Should I try to work an offer with them to remove the negative after one year of being in good standing?
    Any advice is appreciated. I went through a rough patch in 2014 and am just getting back on track. I am planning to purchase a house next year, so I am trying to clean everything up as much as possible.

    1. It sounds like a ploy by the collection agency to get you to pay the account. The collection company wouldn’t have the authority to “reopen” an account for you. Try reaching out to the original lender and resolve directly with them. If you pay the collector, the account will stay closed and show as “settled” on your credit report.

  4. I’m currently trying to improve my credit. Closed a Chase credit November 2008. All in good standings and paid in full. This will remain on my record until November 2018? Why would I not try to reopen, right? Any call I have done they cut me off. Even before I can ask? Guess I’m calling the wrong people.

  5. The ball is on their court.If they want to honor you a chance to reopen the account, just accept it. Remember the oldest is the account will better help you with your scores.However, if they want to open a new account as a courtesy because you paid your closed acct. just accept it as well.You are lucky.:-) either way it will boost your credit. Ask them if you pay them an extra $100-$200 Dollars if they can consider to delete all derogatory marks from the closed account.
    See you at the top!

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