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3 Steps to Remove Judgments From Your Credit Report


It’s not impossible to remove judgments from your credit report

In my experience it’s not very difficult to remove judgments from your credit report as long as you follow the proper steps.

Many of my readers assume that it’s impossible to have judgements removed because it involves the courts. This is actually an advantage for you and makes removing the judgment much easier. The reason is because many of the courts are terrible at validating data. Let me explain how you can use this to your advantage.

1. Request that the court validate the judgment

In this step you’re going to have to contact the courthouse who ruled against you. This isn’t going to be fun, but it’s necessary in order to complete this step.

You’ll need to write the court a letter requesting that they validate and prove the judgment is accurate. You’ll also want to request that they provide all of the relevant information to back up their claims. The good news is that many times the courts simply can’t do this, or don’t want to bother doing it.

If the court doesn’t validate the judgment then you can have it removed.

2. Verify all of the information that the court provides you

If after completing step one the courts do respond to your letter with “proof” of the judgment and supporting documentation, the next step is to verify everything they provide to you.

When you’re going through the information, make sure you look for ANY inaccuracies. That is, if the name on the account is spelled wrong, the dates are wrong, the amounts are wrong, make a note of it. Here are a few more things to check:

  • Name
  • Balance
  • Account number
  • Date opened / Date closed (check all dates)
  • Account status
  • Payment status

Once you have noted the inaccuracies, you’ll want to write an advanced dispute letter. In this letter you’ll ask that all the inaccuracies be corrected or else remove the judgment from your credit report.

3. Have a professional try to remove the judgment

If you’re unable to find inaccurate information or just don’t want to deal with the courts, the easiest and quickest way to remove the judgment is to have a professional look at it. For this I suggest you check out Credit Saint. They’ll take care of you. Check out their website.


  1. The judgements against me were unfair and inaccurate, I need to remove them or to be reached to a fair reasonable amount. Please respond to me when convenient. Thank you!

  2. I need a letter of satisfaction in order to buy a house. A judgement is showing up against me that was part of a bankruptcy in 2011. I called about six different places and they finally said it was was part of the bankruptcy . How do I go about getting that removed without having to talk and pay a lawyer.

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