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How to Negotiate a Settlement With Collection Agencies

Debts from student loans, credit cards, healthcare, mortgages, auto loans and other daily bills of life can add up. Sometimes a debt collector may be called to ask you for the money owed. Negotiating a settlement with a collection agency can help you solve

How to Tell If You’re Getting Ripped Off at a Car Dealership

The internet has made car shopping easier, allowing consumers to compare prices, review a car’s features and buy online without ever stepping into an auto dealer’s showroom. But there are still tricks car dealers use to rip people off, whether in the showroom or

5.5 Million Could Get Credit Score Boost With Tax Liens Removed

If your credit score jumped 20-40 points last summer, you may see another boost in May as the credit reporting agencies finish changes to remove incomplete identifying information from credit reports. On April 16, the credit reporting agencies Equifax, Experian and TransUnion implemented the

How Federal Reserve Interest Rates Affect Your Credit

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates in March to their highest level in a decade, and more increases are on the way. Higher interest rates will affect consumers in many ways — including car and home loans, though most borrowers who have those loans

A Secret Your Credit Card Company is Unlikely to Tell You (Unless You Ask)

Being at the bottom of a pile of credit card debt can be overwhelming. Making just the minimum monthly payment can be difficult, putting the long-term goal of paying off the credit card completely almost too far to see. Chances are your credit card

Are The New Credit Card Chips Working to Prevent Fraud?

Those annoying, beeping and longer stays at the checkout counter when inserting a chip credit card into a clunky machine that may or may not work are paying off in one big way — less fraud. Chip cards, also known as “EMV” cards for

AI and Other Tech That Could Change How You Deal With Credit

Technology for using a credit card is changing fast: A wearable credit card is being developed by Barclaycard. Mastercard has a card with a sensor for a fingerprint to authorize payment instead of a signature. A major maker of chip credit cards is adding

Are Zero Interest Balance Transfer Credit Cards Going Away?

If you’ve ever considered moving credit card debt from a high-interest card to a balance transfer credit card that doesn’t charge interest for a year or more, you’re not alone. Transferring a balance to a credit card that doesn’t charge interest for six to

How Co-Signing on a Student Loan Affects Your Credit

Graduating from college with student loan debt obviously isn’t any fun for the graduates. It can also be a headache for their parents. Parents co-signing a student loan for their children can make it easier for the loan to be approved and can reduce

How to Get a Credit Card as a U.S. Immigrant

Running a small business or just being an everyday consumer can be difficult without having a credit card. It can help pay for things before you have the money in hand, such as business owners who need to buy supplies before being paid for