Sample Goodwill Letters & Credit Letters

Use these sample credit letter templates when dealing with collectors. I suggest that you only communicate with collectors by snail mail letters. Also, don’t forget to read over some of my articles on Negotiating with collectors.

Goodwill / Forgiveness Letter

For older collections and late payments, one of the most successful ways to get an item removed from your credit report is to simply ask the original creditor or collection agency to do so. Note: Goodwill letters are meant to be personal and reflect your individual situation.

Credit Dispute Letter – Advanced Method

Use this letter to dispute negative information on your credit report. This dispute method works much better than disputing online. The key to this method is specifically listing out each inaccuracy in detail so each item has to be verified by the agency.

Negotiate A Complete Removal

Use this letter in attempting to negotiate a complete removal or PAID AS AGREED on a debt that states CHARGE OFF or SERIOUSLY PAST DUE on your credit report.

Medical Collection Removal Letter

Use this letter for paid medical collections. This letter is specifically designed to leverage HIPAA laws.

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