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Remove Late Payments From Your Credit Report

Late payments can be a big deal.

They count significantly toward your FICO score calculation which so many lenders check when you apply for a loan.

However, in my experience, it’s really not that difficult to get late payments removed and see a bump in your credit score.

How Long Do Late Payments Stay On Your Credit Report?

Late payments can stay on your credit report for seven years. This will affect your ability to get loans.

A lower credit score will also affect the interest rates you get if you do get approved for a credit card or auto loan.

So I recommend you take steps to get missed payments off your credit report before applying for new credit again.

First, I strongly recommend monitoring your credit report to see right when items are removed and so you can keep track of your progress.

Experian offers free access to your credit report on a monthly basis with free credit report monitoring too.

And you can get a free credit report from each of the three credit bureaus every week — instead of once a year — through April of 2021 because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Visit annualcreditreport.com to access your Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion credit reports. I’ll suggest a few more ways to monitor your credit score for free below.

Can I Remove Late Payments From My Credit Report?

Here are 3 proven ways to remove late payments from a credit report:

How to remove late payment from credit report

1. Request a “Goodwill Adjustment” from the Original Creditor

The idea is simple, and it works surprisingly well.

Many times creditors are happy to grant “goodwill adjustments” if your previous payment history is relatively good and you have established a good relationship with the creditor.

This is probably the easiest and surest way to get a late payment removed from your credit report.

The process involves writing the creditor a letter explaining your situation (why you were late) and asking that they “forgive” the late payment and adjust your credit report accordingly.

The easiest way to write a goodwill/forgiveness letter is to use the sample letter I created as a template. This method might not work if you have multiple late payments.

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2. Negotiate Removal by Offering to Sign Up for Automatic Payments

I have never actually tried this method myself, but from what I understand creditors frequently offer to remove late payment entries if you, in exchange, agree to sign up for automatic payments.

This strategy works well for both parties: the creditor can ensure future on-time payments will be made, and you don’t have to worry about remembering to make payments or being charged late fees if you forgot to pay by the due date.

I would love to hear from those of you who have succeeded with this method!

Update: Several readers have verified that this method did work for them, so try this next if a goodwill letter doesn’t work.

Of course, automatic payments are only good when you have the money in your bank account to cover the transaction.

3. Dispute the Late Payment as Inaccurate

I certainly do not advocate lying or claiming negative information is inaccurate when you know that you really did make late payments.

BUT, if you find ANY inaccuracies on the late payment entry (dates, amounts, etc), you can dispute the late payment as inaccurately reported.

Sometimes creditors have a difficult time verifying the exact details of your account history.

Therefore, if you write a dispute letter protesting the inaccurate late payment and the creditor can’t (or simply doesn’t bother) to verify it, the negative entry can be removed in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Accurate information from your creditor should include:

  • Your name
  • Creditor’s name
  • Payment information
  • Account number

This is also a great technique on how to remove collection accounts from a credit report.

4. Have A Professional Remove The Late Payments

We understand that credit repair can be overwhelming. If you’d rather have a professional credit repair company help, I suggest you check out Lexington Law Credit Repair.

Credit repair experts like the ones at Credit Saint, Sky Blue, and Lexington Law may be able to remove inaccurate negative information on your behalf.

Just to be clear: Credit repair companies won’t do anything you can’t do yourself. But think of it this way — if someone does it all day every day, they are going to get good at it. Attempting credit repair alone can feel overwhelming.

Credit repair companies will typically charge a monthly subscription fee while you work with them but they’re also easy to cancel and there’s no long-term commitment. For someone with items that can be challenged, a lot of time progress can typically be made in 45 or 90 days.

Ask Lexington Law for Help

How Much Does a Late Payment Hurt My Credit?

A single late payment can have a bigger impact on your credit file than you may think.

If you have perfect or near-perfect credit, a late payment could knock upwards of 100 points off your FICO score.

That’s because payment history comprises 35 percent — the biggest chunk — of your credit score.

When you already have excellent credit, you have more room for one negative item to take a big hit.

A single late payment will have a smaller impact if your credit file already has some problems such as multiple late payments or a charge-off or collection account.

How to Keep Late Payments Off Your Credit File

If you’re reading this and already have delinquencies reported on your credit report, it’s obviously too late to prevent the negative marks from appearing in your credit history.

You should stick to the methods I outlined above to remove the late payments and restore your credit.

But if you aren’t yet 30 days late on a payment, read this section carefully. You can still prevent a late payment from hurting your credit score.

Doing this will be much easier than trying to remove the negative items later.

Here’s what you can do:

Communicate with the Credit Issuer

It’s tempting to ignore past due bills, especially from credit card companies that can’t turn off your utilities or repossess your car. But try to avoid this temptation.

A lot of credit accounts offer payment flexibility you should take advantage of if you’re struggling to make on-time payments.

Some companies will let you skip a payment so you can get your personal finances back on track.

But you won’t know about these possibilities if you don’t get in touch with your creditor.

So don’t ignore their phone calls or emails, especially when you’re still not 30 days late.

Use Covid-19 Relief Programs If Possible

During the coronavirus pandemic a lot of creditors, such as student loan servicers, froze credit accounts.

Other creditors started Covid-19 relief programs for account holders who had been affected by the pandemic.

Still, others stopped sending late payment information to the credit bureaus or selling charge-off accounts to collection agencies.

This kind of help can help keep your accounts in good standing and help you keep good credit during challenging times.

But you may need to ask your creditor to enroll you in these programs. Again, communicating with your creditor before your account becomes 30 days or more delinquent will be key.

Change Due Dates or Consolidate If Helpful

Most credit card issuers such as Capital One and Discover will let you change your due date to avoid payment conflicts with other bills such as your rent or auto loan payment.

Sometimes a simple change like this can create the relief you need to keep your credit score on the up and up.

You could also consider consolidating several smaller credit card balances into one larger credit card or personal loan.

You’d have fewer due dates to remember, and you could probably pay less in interest charges, too.

Knowing Your Rights Can Help You Negotiate

Congress has passed several laws to help consumers negotiate with credit reporting agencies and creditors.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act, for example, gives you access to your credit file for free every year.

Visit annualcreditreport.com to get your free credit reports from the three credit reporting bureaus.

If you discover inaccurate information, the law requires the bureaus to fix this information or remove it.

Be sure to file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau if your attempts to remove inaccurate negative information get no response.

Monitoring Your Credit Can Help Prevent Problems

Yes, you can get your free credit report, but some credit card companies and mortgage servicers offer free credit monitoring that’s built into your everyday life.

You can just log into your account online or tap on an app to see your FICO or VantageScore anytime.

You can also monitor your credit using free apps like Credit Sesame and Credit Karma. These apps won’t show your official FICO score but they can alert you to big changes.

A big and sudden change to your credit score could be a sign of identity theft or of inaccurate late payments being reported by one of your creditors.

Detecting this kind of problem early will make fixing it easier.


  1. Hi Ryan,
    I have a Macy’s card with went 30-days past and it was reported. I would like to get it removed from reporting.

    Let me explain in details what happened. I made some purchases and some returns in December of last year. Usually Macy’s would sent me an e-mail, a statement in mail, etc letting me know that there is a balance due. But this time around I did not receive anything from them, so I assumed that there was no balance to be paid, but in fact there was and it became past-due.

    Macy’s collection called me in February of this year and said that the balance is past-due and asked that I pay that balance. That was a big news to me since I had not received any notifications from Macy’s about any payment due. I promptly paid the balance and successfully negotiated late fee and interest reversal. I believe I even asked the rep if it will be reported, to which she said it will not be reported — though I am not 100% sure if I posed this question, but I think I did because that’s something I would do.

    Now fast-forward to May. I am applying for a home loan and I find out that Macy’s had in fact reported the late-payment. I called their customer service and kept going up the chain but they refused to remove late reported. I made argument that I had not received any mail, e-mail from Macy’s about my balance but they kept saying they had sent me e-mails and the e-mail was not returned back to them. Finally, at the end of the rope they said to write a letter to their Mason, OH address if I would like to further pursue this matter.

    1) Can Goodwill letter help in this case and if so what is my line of argument/request?
    2) Should I even move forward with a Goodwill letter since I plan on closing end of this month? Will it hurt/help my credit score?

    Thank you in advance for your reply

      1. Can a late payment on a credit report be removed if that account was closed and paid in full? I’m six years into the late payment being on my report. 2012 was a difficult year. Thanks!

    1. I had the same issue with Macys, especially the no mail or email statements. My wife and I thought we had a zero balance when we had $45 charge that we were not aware of. Macys issued a 30-day late payment that hit my credit. Needless to say, we were upset and got them to reverse the score based on them having issues with their billing department.

    2. This is exactly what happened to me as well! I called Macy’s and explained that I didn’t receive any email notification from them regarding the payment/balance due on my account. The amount I owe is actually $2, yes you heard it right!

      So, I called the customer service and explained the situation and they said they cannot do anything about it. Why in the world anybody don’t want to pay $2. I went ahead and closed my account with Macy’s. This happened in 2013.

      Is it possible to reverse this 30-day late payment reported on my credit report?

    3. I am currently having the same issue with Macy’s. I was completely unaware that I had a missed payment from Macys only because I do not use my card often and it is not a bill I pay monthly. Currently Macy’s says I have two late payments from 2014 and they are unable to remove them. I informed them that I was in the process of purchasing a home and they were no help at all. The rep on the phone informed me that even if I wanted to increase my credit line with them they still would not remove the item. It’s so frustrating because I definitely do not remember missing the payment but the dates of the missed payment fall during the time period where I was a college student. Now this will follow me for years. I have this ONE item on my credit report and it s preventing me from being financial free. Macy’s is the worst.

    4. Wow, I had a lot of problems with Macy’s too, glad to hear I’m not alone. I will not be shopping there ever in the future because of their flat out refusal to help me with a simple mistake of not making a payment similar to the stories I see on here, I thought I would be receiving a paper statement but they only sent an email, which I did not see since it went to my spam folder, and on top of it, when I finally did find it, it looked like an advertising email for a sale. I was just a couple months late due to not seeing the statement, and I promptly paid the whole amount the day I found out that I owed them. The total amount was not even that much, under $200. They flat out refused to help me at all in the credit department to remove the late payment mark on my credit report, or do something to help. The only department that helped was the first department I called which was the normal payment department, all they did was remove a late fee, but I was really hurt by my credit score going down A LOT. Had almost a perfect score for a long time, and you miss one statement and boom. The other thing that bothered me is that macy’s did not bother to send me a notice in the mail BEFORE they reported to a credit agency. I’ve had the macy’s card for years, no missed or late payments, and you would think they would have the decency to alert me. So long Macy’s! Won’t be shopping with you anymore. They are going to be bankrupt soon anyways like the other department stores.

    1. Wells Fargo is the worst bank right behind Chase. Go with Discover or Citi if you want some compassion.

      1. I completely agree! Wells Fargo is going down hill fast. We were late on a payment because my wife never received the online statements of a credit card we haven’t used in over 3 years. She pulled the card out to buy something and thought it was her debit card. I found out we were 2 months late because I was checking our credit report. They wouldn’t waive the fee or do anything for us. Instead of waiving the $15 fee they lost a customer and we closed our 15k credit card with them.. we’ll NEVER EVER EVER sign up with them for anything EVER.. No credits, no mortgage

    2. Wow, I was so glad to read this. My fiance and I bought a car for me. I used my car as a trade-in and money from my account, that brought the amt borrowed to 65% of it’s value or rather 35% down. They approved for me to go on the title, even though my fiance was the sole borrower. A year and 5 months later they came back saying they wanted me off the loan. At the time we didnt know our options and were somewhat duressed into signing the paperwork with “possibilities of them voiding the loan”, so we complied. We made every payment on time and then an extra 20% a month towards principle, owing significantly less than it’s value. At the time, there was a minimal amount of risk. They we’re rude, told us they didnt approve for me to be on the title and the dealership lied, even though I was there when the dealership made the phonecall asking for approval, and after I stated we would be paying the car off early they put a “negative inquiry” on our account. Which is funny cause they weren’t even supposed to talk to me since I am not on the loan and seems anyone could call and hurt your account then if they wanted to. What if I was a vengeful ex or something, lol? Not that “their little remarks” matter, since we’ll never do business with them again. We we’re going to initially get a home equity loan with them to do a remodel since we had our car financed by them. Now we will get it elsewhere and just add the car to it! Wells fargo is rude and customer satisfaction ranks at the bottom of their priorities. Trust me, take your business elsewhere. I promise you won’t regret it.

  2. After applying for a FASFA I was denied at the very last step because of a student loan I hadn’t paid on for quite sometime. However I knew nothing about this loan nor did I know what school it was from. It turned out to be a trade school I attended a couple year prior. I called the provided contact number and it FedLoan. After notifying me on my late payments for quite a few months. I began the process to start making payments. Either bad timing or a set up, but I had already mailed the paperwork they needed and a couple weeks later i relieved a letter from a collection agency for the student loan that was past due. Confused, I called and spoke to them to ask who I was to pay exactly. ( obviously a big mistake) they told me I needed to pay on time for 9 months to get my loan back in good standing (rehabilitation). May 5, 2015 was my 9th payment and it’s back in good standing and I’m now set up for Auto Pay through NelNet for the remainder of the pay off. Thankfully now I can go back to school. However, the orginal report is still showing on my credit report.. Can I have this removed? If so, would it be the debt collectors who handled my payments? ( US Department of Education) thank you 🙂

    1. I work for one of the servicers for the Department of Education. You would want to dispute the report with the entity that reported it. If on your report is specifies Fedloans, you would have to dispute with them. If it lists the Dept of Ed collections, you would have to dispute with them.

      Its worth a shot, but honestly….you’d have an uphill battle. I know the one I work for doesn’t cut any slack, and because of government regulation, they all tend to service similarly. Technically, they aren’t supposed to remove valid entries, but the guarantor (for your loans, Dept of Ed) will sometimes agree to have entries removed as part of a rehabilitation plan if the borrower agrees to meet x,y,z requirements. If this wasn’t part of the agreement and the loans have been rehabbed with Nelnet though, it doesn’t look like that was part of the plan. Is it guaranteed they’ll refuse? No; its always worth a shot. But since they were satisfied and gave the loan to Nelnet, they don’t have as much of a drive to meet your demands. Its likely they’re going to tell you they don’t have it anymore and to contact Nelnet. Problem being, Nelnet can’t dispute an entry made by another entity.

      From what I’ve seen, state guarantors are more willing to agree to remove entries. I don’t recall a time when Dept of Ed (new-ish loans have Ed as a guarantor rather than a state) agreed to remove. If there’s anything that made the reporting a servicing error, have documented proof showing that the reporting is invalid. They will remove entries if they reported in error. Good luck!

      1. Hello,
        What if you are a co signer?
        Didn’t know my kid didn’t pay it off. I am in the middle of getting a mortgage and it showed up on the second credit pull. Paid it off.
        How likely is it that navient will take it off my report?

    2. I have the same problem with FedLoan. They are total A-holes! They reported me to all 3 credit bureaus and listed two separate loans on each credit bureau so now I have 6 negative items total. I had two loans with them but they were consolidated into one loan and I paid monthly payments towards one loan. Yet they separated them into two loans for each credit bureau. I have been disputing and fighting to get these off my credit. The marks have damaged my credit really bad. 120 + on each item! It was their error too and they won’t fess up to it! They don’t even honor goodwill. I really hate FedLoan. They are disgusting, vile creatures…

  3. So I had a credit card with Capital One starting back in 2007. At the end of 2008 I moved. In the back of my head I thought I had autopay set up (I have it with all my other cards). Well, February comes and I started forwarding my mail which is a few months after I moved, and I finally get a statement saying my card is no longer in service. I call them right away and they say that I haven’t made a payment in 120 days, so they closed my account. I payed the amount due on my credit card ( $65 or so) on the phone that instant, but they wouldn’t reopen the account anyways.

    Now it’s 2015 and I’m starting to look at buying a house, but there there are 4 (30,60,90,120 day) late payments on my record and it is dropping my credit score a lot.

    What do you suggest I do?
    And do I have a good chance of getting all of them knocked off my record since it was only for $65 dollars?

    1. I’m going through the same exact thing where I moved and thought I had a zero balance with Capital One. Turns out I didn’t. Now fast forward and I wanna purchase a house and right there on my report is 30/60/90 days past due. Did you ever get this resolved? Any advice?

    2. I had the same issue with Capital One. Made a $100 charge, but never received a statement. 6 months later i get one in the mail with late fees on it. I call up, they reverse the late fees and I paid it. Then next month I get another bill with another late fee. Called again, they removed it. Then i was informed my card was restricted for future purchases. They said there is nothing they can do. So aggravating and it was $100. I never made a late payment in over 15 years with Capital One and there is “nothing they can do”. Do you really think a letter of goodwill will help? This was almost 3 years ago.

  4. I had a JCPenny card I let my grandmother use so she could get a discount. She told me she paid it off immediately but she did not so it went 1 year without getting paid until I got letters from debt collectors. That was 3 years ago and the card has been closed ever since. All my other credit cards have always been on time and paid in full. Would I be able to call them and ask for the good will removal or would a year of late payments be too much?
    I have been denied a mortgage because of it.

  5. Hello. I am hoping you can help me. I had a care credit card that has a co-signer. There was a mixup where a payment did not go through. However I was unaware of this and thought it was paid off. I was no longer getting any bills or letters which continued my belief that it was paid off. Now is a year later, and my co-signer tried to apply for a credit card and was declined because of this unpaid debt. The company never once contacted her either as my co-signer to get payments. She informed me of the debt, and I quickly called up the collector and paid it in full. Why question is, is there any way I have get the negative mark on -her- credit removed? I do not mind if the mark stays on my account I just want to get it removed from hers. Her credit is great and her credit history shows she pays her bills on time and is fast to pay off any loans. This one issue is the only negative mark on her history. I feel very guilty over it, as it was an innocent mistake that the account remained unpaid. Angain, Neither one of us were ever aware of this debt until now. Can I do anything to help get it removed from her credit at least?

  6. Thank you so much for your help. I had 3 cards that were 30 days late because I literally got a phone call from work and said to not bother coming in because they couldn’t afford to pay me anymore. In 12 years none of these cards had been late. I have called Capital one and Cometity bank and both are removing the 30 day late action. Now on to Macys!

    1. Laura,

      Let me know how it worked out with Macys. I have tried to get a late charge removed from my account with no luck. I signed up for email notifications instead of paper statements. I never received any emails and I ended up being 60 days late without any knowledge. The people I have spoken to on the phone have told me to contact my email provider to prove I never received the emails. Seriously???

      1. I went onto the credit bureaus website and filed a dispute on all of my late creditors….and the only one that never responded in the 30 days was Macys. So it was automatically removed. Now its not even showing on my credit report 🙂

  7. I have a credit score of 817. However, i still have a 120+ day late payment on 2 of my 3 reports. How long do late payments stay on credit reports and am I presently able to get a mortgage?

  8. Hi there – my mother took out student loans in my name over 10 years ago and in the process of me taking control of them I found a 3 month stretch of late payments on all 5 loans from 2014. All payments have been on time since. Does this goodwill adjustment work on student loans? I don’t want to file charges against my mother as we’ve worked out the personal issues – I’m more focused now on repairing my credit.


  9. Dear Ryan –

    Thank you for the wonderful advise. I followed your advise, and bank was kind enough to take out the remarks within 2 weeks. They were very nice about this as well. Hopefully every credit card issuer reads and act in right ways to help consumers. I find the store brand cards are the worst thing to have to deal with, specially if they are issued by small banks.

    Long story short, I managed to miss payments thinking I had setup the automatic payment online for this new Card Banana Republic store. When I notice credit score off a Credit Union account I have, then I realized my account went 60 days past due (for ~ $30 ), and bank notified to all the credit agencies and my score went down close to 90 points. You are a credit savior my friend, and I am going to share your site to everyone.

    Thank you again for helping out folks with advise. Most people I know will accept the actions and not act upon, thinking there are no real options to most of the financial / credit problems. In general finance is way too complex of a think for most people to get heads around, and any bit of advise helps.

    Thanks you so very much again from the bottom of my hear.


  10. Could you tell me how to find what my late payments are? I just ran a credit report and it tells me that I do have a late payment, but does not tell me what it is or from when?

  11. Hi,
    I have a car loan its due on the 14th of the month and I have up till the 16th of the following month to pay. On separate occasions, I have went to the bank on the weekend (say if the 16 falls on a Monday) and I go on the 14th and pay, they send a ding on my report saying that I am late. I was even told if I bring the payment directly to their bank on the weekend, it would be considered late. Even if I paid before the 16th. Is there anything that I can do?

  12. If I have a late payment showing up on all 3 credit bureaus, do I need to submit a Goodwill letter to each one of the agencies?

      1. Hi so i just recently checked my credit score and noticed three late payments two in toys r us and one in gordmans i had to leave the country becuase my grandmother was dying i explained it to my creditors and gordmans agreed to take the late fee and toys r us agreed to remove one late fee. I had a score of 684 after those late fees on there its at a 579 since they are removing two late fees will my credit score go up? Or doni have to do something else? Help please and how long before it shows on mh credit score they were removed?

  13. Hi Ryan,

    We’ve had some financial hardship over the past three years and are in full-swing recovery mode now, thankfully. During our hard times we were 30-60 days late with every month’s mortgage payment but as of this month (April 2016) we are officially caught up and on-time. Obviously my credit score suffered and was affected dramatically. Do you have any suggestions on how to potentially work with our mortage holder (bank) to ask them to remove the late payments? Should we wait until we are X months on-time before asking? Do we have any hope in working with them to remove the late payments records? Thank you!

  14. I cosigned a mortgage loan with my son six years ago. We live in two different states. The original loan was bought by another lender last summer. No late payments until this past January and February. I found out when I happened to check my credit report in March of this year and it showed the two late payments. I called my son and he confirmed the late payments. On the original loan I asked to be alerted of any late payments etc. and to my knowledge there were no late payments. But with the new mortgage company, as I found out when I called them, they had none of my information, except my name. I am on the bill my son gets but they didn’t have my home address, my phone number or email. They do now after I spoke to them. I asked since I never received an alert would they take off the two late pays from my report as good will .They said no. That they sent out notices to my son’s address, and that my name is on the bill and legally that’s all they have to do. I mentioned that as a cosigner shouldn’t I be sent a copy of any late notices etc., and since the new mortgage company’s lost my info. couldn’t they in good will take the late pays off my report. They said no. I explained the first lender had all my info and asked then where did my info end up? The person didn’t know. I am in the process of sending them a letter asking the same thing I asked in my phone conversation. Do I have any other options? I just feel as I am obligated and basically a customer of this mortgage company, that they would be willing to work with me. I also asked them if they would simply notate the late pays on my credit report that I was never notified by the lender of any late pays. The mortgage company person said no.

  15. Hello all.

    I tried the good will adjustment letter already and didn’t have much luck. Now I want to try #2 Negotiate removal by offering to sign up for automatic payments. Who do I contact for this? Do I sent a letter to the same address I sent the adjustment letter to or call?

    1. I think you would need to contact the creditor for a further negotiation, explaining to them that you are signed up on auto pay and have not been defaultive of payment again. Explain to them why you were defaultive, either you did not receive reminder notifications

  16. I have 1 30 day late on my credit report from Ally (my car loan). I wrote a GW letter about 2 months ago but have not received any response. What is the best way in your opinion to follow up? Do I resend another letter? If so do I state in the letter that this is my second request or do I just send as normal? Do I call and follow up that way? Also, if they tell me they can’t take it off do you continue to request it or do you recommend trying to dispute at that point? I appreciate any advice you have!

  17. If my late payment is for a student loan and it has been over 7 years since the late payment, shouldn’t have come off of my report already? Do I need to send a Goodwill letter?

      1. I highly suggest paying a credit repair company to delete student loan inaccuracies. In my experience, they seem to be the only sure fire way to have success at deletions for student loans. However, if you ask the lender to back date a forebearance or deferment, the late payments can come off with a simple dispute.

  18. In my divorce decree it clearly stated my ex wife was responsible for a credit card that I was the primary on. Long story short, she had 9 late/missed payments on it before finally transferring it to another credit card she opened. The balance is now at zero but the damage to my credit has been done. What can I do? Thank you

  19. Hello,

    Can you ask for a goodwill adjustment if they account has been closed and pulled into another loan with the same creditor? I have some late payments on the closed account and if they’re able to be removed how will that affect my score?

  20. Hi last month I was sure that I paid my car payment. But when I checked my credit score this month it showed that I had a late payment posted. It turns out it never posted and it was more than a month past due. I have paid already last and this month’s payment since I noticed the error. I never was notified that I was late and that they had not received payment. I have never been late on any of my car payements. Would a goodwill letter work for car creditors?

  21. Ryan,
    I recently found out that this month my auto loan creditor reported my payment as late despite exhaustive evidence I provided to them as to the reason for the nonpayment.

    The story is frustrating, I used my banking institution’s online bill pay. This creditor does not utilize wire transfers so the bill pay contractor had to issue a check for the payment. My banking institution identified the payment being issued on August 29. My banking institution also reported the check clearing through my automatic updates on September 6, and was validated in the statement of my account for September 6 as well. However, the creditor does not show they ever received payment, and when the called in the middle of September I stated to them that the check for my payment has cleared according to all my records, because it had. I then informed them that they should review their records and correct the situation. Well, at the end of September I received a call from the creditor again stating they have not received payment. I then contacted my banking institution for information about the request and had to file for a formal review. It comes back that the banking institutions contractor issued the check, but that it has not cleared and that it must have gotten lost in the mail. The contractor for my banking institution could not provide a check number or date of issuance for the check they claim to have cut. However, the banking institution had indicated to me in multiple instances that the payment was made, and that is had cleared my bank, which it obviously had not, despite the fact that they removed funds from my account. I immediately made the payment to the creditor and show that it was delivered on October 1, 31 days from the due date. My personal check for the payment cleared on October 3, 33 days late and it included the late fees, and the next payment. The package with the check also a letter from the banking institution stating their errors in the handling of my payment signed by the president of the bank in a signed envelope on the banks letterhead.

    I did all the leg work and evidenced the error and negligence of my banking institution related to the payment and still had the check there only 3 days after the 30 days late point. So my question is this, should I expect that this late payment be removed from my credit report and corrected in full?

  22. Hey Ryan,
    I got a mortgage loan in 2011 through Chasey. In 2014 I experienced a financial hardship and fell behind on my payments. I ended up with 11 straight months of late payments. I finally got straight on my payments and then my loan was sold. I wrote them a “goodwill” letter and they basically denied me. Should I send another letter or give them a call? Thank you for your help.

  23. I am posting here in hopes that this may help someone else out because I am so relieved right now that I am shaking. The backstory is that I gave birth, my son had some health issues, I switched jobs due to his needs, went a little while without a check and we feel behind on ONE car payment through Bank of America. They dinged out credit for a late payment over 30 days, it was 35 days to be exact. It dropped our score about 60 points. During this time I had been in contact with BOA and had told them when I was planning on making my payment. I was told by their customer service rep that as long as I paid it by the 30th of the month, nothing would be reported, he was wrong. So when I got my report and saw the past 30 days ding, I started emailing and calling. I found an online suggestion to file a complained with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, so I did that, took just a couple minutes. I also found some senior customer service reps email addresses online from Bank of America. I sent them emails explaining what had a happened. I sent all these and prayed that I would have luck. The very NEXT day, I got a call from a senior vice president at Bank of America explaining that they had received my complaint and he was able to go back and see where the CS rep had told me the info. He said that although that was not true, since we had been up to date on all other payments, they were going to reverse to 30 day late ding! He told me that it could take up to 30-60 days but gave me his direct number and assured me that it would be taken care of. He was so nice and understanding and told me “I understand that life happens”. I do not know if I am just lucky or if I just got through to the right person… but it worked for me! Good luck!

  24. Last year I was undergoing procedures to remove a tumor in my jaw. I contacted my student loan services and was granted a forebearance. Turns out they issued it in error and rescinded it. I never received any notification that it had been rescinded. When I went to make my next payment I was told it was 4 months late. Even then they never said they mailed me a letter. I tried to go through the ombudsman for the lates to be corrected but was told the servicer said the tried calling and mailed a notice. I told them that wasn’t true because all my notification is electronic and there was nothing in my inbox. Because it’s been more than a year they don’t have to keep proof of the letter. I’m stuck! What should I do next?

  25. For accounts that are still active, how long does it take for late payments to be removed from credit files?

    I had some issues in between jobs a few years ago, which led to 30 day lates eventually being reported. It has been current for nearly three years, but the pesky late payments are still biting me.

  26. Ryan,
    Transunion reports a 90 day late payment in 2011. The other 2 credit reports do not report this since the account has been settled. Do you think a Goodwill letter will work? What other recommendations do you have?


  27. Ryan, I have what I feel is a unique situation. I have a loan with a company I have been with for 10 plus years and have had over 20 loans with them (which have all been paid off other than the two I stay current with on auto pay that comes directly out of my direct deposit)

    Well I had some issues between the paperwork my insurance broker was sending me and them, so long story short they applied a PPI insurance to my loan of which I cleared up with my insurance broker, but apparently they didn’t refund the whole $1700!!!! And still kept $475 on there. Well apparently that had caused me to be about a half of a payment short up until the end of December where I ran into the same issue. (They recently hired a third company to monitor all of their insurance stuff and it has been horrible even with my vehicles that are 100% insured all the time) Although this time it is sort of on me as I went to switch to storage insurance and missed an email. Well with this new charge it caused me to go 30 days late at the end of January because apparently I was supposed to know that my “Auto payment” wouldn’t cover the full payment amount. I spoke with a couple representatives one of which agreed with me there shouldn’t be a 30 day late, but the manager is dead set on not removing it unless I go through their third party insurance company to get the PPI cleared up. I asked why I never received a late notice, which she said she looked into and apparently if I were to have logged in to my account. Then clicked the little link on the my account page, then clicked on acccount notices, I would have seen the late notices….. to me that doesn’t seem acceptable, but tried to remain calm and talk with her to “even though this is apparently my fault” forgive it in goodwill considering I have had hundreds of on time payments with them. No is her answer.

    Sorry for the long comment, but what do you think my next step should be. Should I still write a letter of goodwill or is it too late? (I told her I was moving all my accounts already.. which I really am going to do but that’s besides the point)

    Appreciate any advice you can give as I was planning to refinance my house fairly soon.

  28. Hi Ryan,
    I had a lowes credit card that just recently hit my credit due to late payment. The card had been paid off for some time now, and a couple months ago spent $100 in and completely forgot since I’m not used to making that payment. Do you think a GW letter will help? And if so should I send it straight to lowes?


  29. I had a similar situation with my Macy’s account. At the beginning of each month I set up payment for each account that is due for the month. Macy’s normally sends an email to me regarding payments due, however this month I did not receive one so I naturally assumed that the payment was made. When I logged in to set up a payment for the month of March, it reflected that I had a late payment fee because my my payment was pass due. I immediately when on line and paid the enter bill of $196.00 dollars. I receive notices when there is a change in my credit score and a few days later when I checked my score had been affected because of the past due late payment.

    Since I have already made the payment to Macy’s, will I sill be able to request a late payment forgiveness and have this removed from my credit report.

    Thank you

  30. I am having issue with trying have my late payment removed I’ve call and 2 of the company said that they can’t do it because of the law and it has to stay on my credit for 7 years do I still write them ?

  31. Thank you for this article! It worked for me! I had a balance with Victoria Secret and had no idea until it was 60 days late, which tanked my credit score by 100 points. I wrote them a letter and they removed it when I explained I’ve paid the price for over a year now with a crappy score over $50 balance paid late, time to remove this. To my surprise, they did! Credit score still isn’t as high as it was before this happened but it’s a start…

  32. Hello Ryan,

    A few years ago I had some dental work and opened up a CitiHealth card through my dentist. I always make payments on time through both my credit cards with Discover and Citi however there was one month where I tried paying using a debit card I had from an online bank (Simple). While the website said they payment was accepted, a few days later, it came back as denied even though the funds were in the account. I tried calling in to pay and a representative assisted me and told me the payment was accepted. I felt a lot better hearing someone say that however, a few days later the same thing happened which resulted in a late payment and has affected my credit score since. I ended up having to move the money to my Chase bank account and continued to use that to make the remaining payments. That card has since been paid off in full and I continue to make on-time payments with my other card (NEVER LATE ONCE). I was wondering what would be the best route for getting this off of my credit score since other than that time, I’ve never been late on any payments and I really feel like it had more to do with the fact that I was using a smaller bank. Any suggestions?

  33. Just an amusing run-in with Adelphia before they folder. Out of the blue, many months after I canceled service I got a collection letter from them demanding payment and threatening immediate Credit Bureau bad marks. “To protect your credit, pay this balance immediately. The amount you owe is $0.00” Don’t assume your report is accurate!

  34. I had late student loan payments while my loan was in deferment. I was able to have Transunion remove the late payments since the loan was in deferment; I was still in college. It’s been several months and my credit score hasn’t changed. How long does it take to change and should I be contacting someone? I haven’t had any luck researching this.

  35. Hi. I have a credit card with Best Buy and I have 2 late payments, it’s usually during February of each year. But other that February I’m always paying on time. Would me writing a forgiveness letter to remove those two work?

  36. I made a mortgage payment on time via ACH online payment, but the payment was returned by my bank due to insufficient funds. By the time I realized that the payment was returned, it was already more than 30 days after the initial due date and a late payment was reported to the credit bureaus. I sent the creditor a goodwill request. I apologized and explained that for the past 4 years I was never late and that due to this incident I will sign up for auto pay, etc. they responded within a week that they are required to do accurate reporting and can’t remove it. The creditor is MB Financial. My question is (1) since I did make a payment on time, it just got returned, is that something I can use to my advantage somehow? (2) How do I respond to the fair credit reporting tactic?

  37. I had 2 student loans in 2010 from Fannie Mae, I tried to contact them by email several times to request information on wether or not my college counselor told me was true that the college paid back the loans, they would not respond. I thought they must have been paid because they would not respond and if I owed they would want their money. Wrong
    Now I pull my credit report recently and see that Fannie Mae showed that payments were made on time for my accounts, but there were some missed. I then show that the loans were placed in collections and in default for the full amount. And when I request the servicer name because it is not on the department of education website I am told it will be listed on my loan under servicer but all it says is Deprtment of Educaion.
    I am then told that the Fannie Mae company is not in business anymore and they were my original loan people. I then get a notice that they are taking my tax refund of more than the entire balance of the remaining loans and the payment history does not show any current payments applied. Each credit report shows 4 loans I only had 2 for the year which I was told were paid back and my report shows payments…
    They have really screwed up my credit and it is none true. How do I get this crap removed permanently?
    I have no idea who to contact and they will not answer me on how to find out.
    Anyone know what to do?
    I am filing a complaint with the fair trade commission and sending out letters certified with a time frame for reasonable response or they must remove all negative reports within a period of 30 days.
    I am so sick with this. I saw how much they are and I could pay them off immediately but I don’t know who to pay or if they will be applied.

  38. Hi Ryan
    I’ve been battling colon cancer and 30 day Late payments have lowered my credit score by 100! I’m working as much as my body will allow and have payed on time several months 7 on time since my chemo. Would a goodwill letter help in my case?

  39. Hi Ryan, I paid a Chase credit card off last year and hadn’t used it for months. I ended up using that card over the summer because I had left my debit card at home, but then I forgot about it. When I finally remembered to pay it, it was about 37 days past due. My credit score dropped 30 points. I called Chase and asked for a goodwill adjustment given that I have a history of making payments on time and have had no issues. They told me they are unable to do anything about it and it’s out of their control once it’s on my credit report. Is that true? Or are they BS-ing me?

    Chase did send me an electronic notice if my payment coming due and an electronic statement, but they didn’t notify me that I missed my payment. Wonder if that helps my case at all?

    They said I could file a claim that it is inaccurate but I’m not claiming it’s inaccurate, I’m just claiming that it’s unfair because I made one mistake. It seems like there’s people saying they claim that things are inaccurate when they’re not and it’s worked for some people. I assume Chase can very easily look at payment due dates and payment history so they would be able to easily prove it’s accurate, but now I’m wondering if I should try just to see? It all just seems really unfair. I have a good credit history otherwise, and for it to just drop overnight for one mistake I made is maddening.

  40. I had about a year where I had instability in my income and a few payments were 30-60 days late. It’s a total of 4 companies. With no more than 2 on any one and no late payments in 3 years on3 of them and 2 in thevother one. I did what you said. I sent letters, using your template. I agreed to automatic payments. None of the companies would goodwill remove the late payments. This is a big red on my credit reports. When will the late payments stop hurting my score.

  41. Hi Ryan,

    I apparently have a late payment that I am unaware of that has significantly affected my credit score. How do I find out which credit provider I paid late? I legitimately have no idea. Thanks!

  42. I have a late payment my old credit union reported on a card that I hadn’t used for about 8 years. I found out my ebay account was linked to it when I sale something to pay for the fees. The charge was $5.85 and ended up being about 65 days late (we never received the statements because the address was wrong and only learned about it after they called us). I requested a goodwill adjustment and they are saying the the fair credit act prohibits them from doing anything like I’m requesting (i.e., retract the reporting of the late payment). Does this sound right? Has anyone else ran into this before?

    1. Yes, I had the same experience. I followed the recommendations to write letters. I received replies from the 3 companies. All said the reporting was accurate ( I did not say it wasn’t). All said it was against policies to remove them. It is aggrevating. 2 of the 3 late payments are still on my credit report over 3 years after they occurred. And there have been no other late payments since.

  43. Can you negotiate late payments to be removed from you credit report with your mortgage company if you agree to sign up for automatic payments or this mostly for credit cards?

  44. I need your advice on how to go about this. I put my credit in line for a family member. They purchased a car from GM financials using my credit in September 2016. I allowed because the promised to pay timely.

    I discovered late that they paid timely only 4 times after-which they paid lately for 3 months(January – March 2017) and called the car company to repossess the car and it was reported as charge off. I confess that I had been lackadaisical about monitoring my credit scores. i recently got married and my wife took that over and discovered the damage done.

    GM financials sent letters to them and they did not notify me until the account went into charge off. GM had offered a settlement fees of 6500 dollars or pay 10,604 dollars which I did not have when i discovered. (three months ago)

    I called them in December to set up a payment plan of 100 dollars monthly which is what I can pay for now and the insist on going that route if am paying 10,604 as against the 6,500 settlement offer which they are only willing to be paid in 5 installments. As it is now, I cannot afford that.

    I don’t know how to go about this. Is it possible to send a plea letter to them to remove the charge off and change it to paying as agreed or how best can you suggest I handle this.

  45. I paid my rent late 3 times back in 2013 when I was in college. I was never evicted or anything but now 5 years later it is affecting me from renting from some properties. I was told I could call the civil court and possibly pay to get it removed. Is this true ? if not what steps can I take to get it removed ?

  46. Hi. So my ex bought a car last year in April (11 months ago). His loan wasn’t approved so he asked me if i can do it for him. I was not aware how this might affect my credit score. So i was the main applicant for the auto loan but he gave his bank details because he was going to pay the monthly installments. We broke up after like a month of getting the car and i was not aware that i am the main applicant and it would affect my credit score if he doesn’t pay the installments. He missed 2 installments in a row. When i realized i called the bank and asked them to change the bank accounta so i can start paying it. But it has dropped my credit score by 50 points. Do you have any suggestion how can i improve my score? I have already paid off the entire loan amount now.

  47. Hi Ryan-
    I was recently notified by the IRS I might have been a victim of identity theft so decided to pull my credit report and saw my American Express card 120-day delinquent!!! I paid off the full balance in October 2017 so I assumed it was an error on their part. When I called Macy’s American Express I spoke to collections and they said interest was added after I paid off my balance which caused a balance to start. They agreed to waive the balance since it was interest and late fees but they’re refusing to correct my credit report. I’ve talked to many reps and managers and they’ve all said I’m responsible for viewing my e-statements since they were being sent. Thank you in advance.

  48. Ryan,
    My wife and I have our home mortgage through Wells Fargo. We have been paying an additional amount on our mortgage on a monthly basis, and on a few occasions made additional full payments thinking we would be ahead on payments.
    My wife was recently hospitalized and terminated from her place of employment for not coming to work (even though she was in hospital). We thought because we made the additional payments earlier in the year we would be okay missing last months payment. Needless to say, when we started looking into a refinance loan, we were told we have a late payment on our credit report. Is there anything we can do to get it removed? Thanks

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