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AI and Other Tech That Could Change How You Deal With Credit

Technology for using a credit card is changing fast: A wearable credit card is being developed by Barclaycard. Mastercard has a card with a sensor for a fingerprint to authorize payment instead of a signature. A major maker of chip credit cards is adding

Are Zero Interest Balance Transfer Credit Cards Going Away?

If you’ve ever considered moving credit card debt from a high-interest card to a balance transfer credit card that doesn’t charge interest for a year or more, you’re not alone. Transferring a balance to a credit card that doesn’t charge interest for six to

How Co-Signing on a Student Loan Affects Your Credit

Graduating from college with student loan debt obviously isn’t any fun for the graduates. It can also be a headache for their parents. Parents co-signing a student loan for their children can make it easier for the loan to be approved and can reduce

How to Get a Credit Card as a U.S. Immigrant

Running a small business or just being an everyday consumer can be difficult without having a credit card. It can help pay for things before you have the money in hand, such as business owners who need to buy supplies before being paid for

Should You Pay Your Tax Bill With a Credit Card?

About 80 percent of U.S. taxpayers get a tax refund from the federal government each year. In 2015 the IRS sent an average refund check of $3,120 to almost 40 million taxpayers, the IRS reported. For the unlucky 20 percent who owe money to

What Happens to Your Credit Score When You Cancel a Credit Card?

A wallet or purse that’s overcrowded with too many credit cards can be enough to convince you that it’s time to leave a few cards that are rarely used home. If you’re not using a card at all, you may be thinking of canceling

Best Practices for Using Credit Cards While Traveling Abroad

If you’re old enough to remember using travelers checks on vacation, you’ve probably written a check at the grocery store. Both can seem old-fashioned. Both can still be used today, with travelers checks getting an electronic update that can make them work like a

Pros and Cons of the Debt Snowball

When trying to pay off debt, it can help to have a plan. Instead of paying credit cards, car loans, medical bills and other debts in random amounts each month or splitting your total payment evenly toward them, a plan such as a “debt

How Marriage Can Affect Your Credit Score

Marriage is a union in many ways. Someone’s financial problems that they had before marriage can become part of that union, potentially creating problems for them as a married couple. But the problems may not be as big as you might suspect. Here are

What Credit Card Companies Don’t Want You to Know About Balance Transfers

Paying off your credit card bill and not having a balance is the best way to avoid interest charges. But there’s another way to not pay interest on a credit card balance — a balance transfer. There are right ways and wrong ways to