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Why You Shouldn’t Believe The “Good Debt” Myth

Debt is a controversial subject so let’s get into it. When people talk about “good debt” they usually mean debt that creates value. In other words, it’s debt that will hopefully create wealth sometime in the future. An example that’s often used is a

A Regretful Debt Collector Tells Me His Story

Before I get into my interview with a former debt collector, I’d like to give you the back story as to how this all happened. A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a guy who said he was a debt collector

How I Get 15% Off Most of My Amazon Purchases

I spend a ridiculous amount of money at Amazon. In fact, I’ll often times use the free two day shipping with my Prime membership to order something rather than drive across town to pick it up. It’s not just because it’s usually cheaper, but