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3 Ways to Get Late Payments Removed From Your Credit Report

Late payments can be a big deal, they¬†count¬†significantly toward your credit score calculation, and can stay on your credit report for seven years unless you do something. However, in my experience, it’s really not that difficult to get late payments removed. Here are three

6 Most Common Credit Myths

One of the first things I quickly discovered when I began the process of fixing my credit was that many of things I had heard about credit were completely false. Here is a list of the most common myths about credit. Canceling credit cards

Guest Article: Discipline In Dealing With Credit Card Debt

Debbie Dragon is a freelance writer for, where she writes about credit cards, rewards programs and general personal finance. Credit Card Debt can be a monster. Sort of like a giant tidal wave coming right at you. The closer it gets, the bigger