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How to Remove Alltran (Formerly United Recovery) From Your Credit Report

United Recovery

If you’re getting hassled by Alltran (formerly United Recovery Systems), you should know that there are some strategies which you may employ in order to get this collection agency off of your back! Collection agencies, including Alltran, must follow federal rules, as outlined in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and this allows you certain rights when it comes to working with collection agencies.

United Recovery Systems is now re-branded under the company name, Alltran, so you may receive communications under the Alltran company name. If you do, the same steps for getting a negative credit entry removed from your credit report will apply. Just direct your communications to Alltran instead of United Recovery Systems.

When you know your rights as a consumer, as well as the steps that you will need to follow in order to remove Alltran from your credit report, you’ll be able to stop the company from bothering you. Ensuring that the calls and/or letters cease won’t be an overnight process, but it should happen pretty fast.

I’m going to share the right strategies I’ve used in the past to remove collections from my credit report.

Send a Request for Written Communication

The process of getting Alltran removed from your credit report begins with letting them know that you’re aware of your rights as a consumer, as stipulated by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. After adding this information to your letter, move forward by demanding that the company contact you only via mail.

Some people do run into trouble with collection companies when they talk to their service representatives over the phone. Phone calls don’t leave a paper trail, which means that there isn’t any record of what was said or agreed to. Talking on the phone to collection agencies is not in your best interest. You’re better off with snail mail. This first step (stopping all phone communication) is important.

Debt Verification

Once you have made it clear that you’re only going to communicate via mail, your next step should be to write a letter which requests that Alltran proves that the debt is actually yours.

The thing is, debt collectors often purchase old debts from original creditors for less than the owed amount, then they attempt to collect on the debt in order to turn a profit. The problem with this practice is that they don’t always get accurate information from the original creditor. In fact, it might even be the case that the debt isn’t yours.

This letter is pretty simple. Simply request that they provide accurate documentation that shows the debt is in fact yours.

To ensure that there is a record that you’ve sent this letter, send this letter via registered mail.

Once you send the letter, the company will have thirty days to provide you with the proof that you have requested.

Disputing Their “Proof”

If Alltran responds with written proof that the debt is yours, your next step is to make sure the documentation that they provided you matches your records, as well as what’s listed on your credit report.

If the information on your credit report doesn’t match what they provided, you should file a dispute with the credit bureaus.

If the company proved the debt and it’s accurate information, you’ll need to bargain with Alltran. This means offering to pay less than you owe.

How to Bargain With United Recovery

The bargaining process begins with deciding how much you’d like to pay. Obviously, you don’t want to pay anything, but you’ll have to pay something if the company proved the debt. Otherwise, the company will be within its rights to continue contacting you. Most people who negotiate with collection companies offer between thirty to sixty percent of the debt that they owe, with the stipulation that the collection agency remove the credit entries once those amounts are paid.

Fifty percent is the safest amount to offer during the start of negotiations.

A company that buys debt (this is what collection agencies do) will usually take this type of offer, because the company didn’t have to pay the full debt amount when it purchased the debt. It paid a lot less. This means that you can pay the collection agency a lot less than you owe and the collection agency will still make money.

So, draft a letter, make your offer and include the stipulation that the credit entry must be removed upon receipt of payment. Then, see if the company agrees. If it does, write up a check and send it to the company. Add a letter explaining that you’re following the terms of the agreement. Remind the company that you want the debt removed.

As a last step, write a final letter, 30 days after you sent the check, asking for confirmation that the negative credit entry was removed.

Have a Professional Deal with It

Lastly, if you’re the type of person who would rather have a professional handle it and just be done with the whole thing, I suggest you check out Credit Saint. They’ll take care of you, and honestly they usually get stuff removed a lot quicker. Check out their website.



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