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How to Get TRS Recovery Services Off Your Credit Report

Millions of Americans have debts in the collection stage. If you have heard from a company called TRS Recovery Services, you are not alone.

It can be stressful to deal with a debt collector. But you can stop their collection efforts through a series of steps.

In our guide below, we will break down everything you need to know about TRS Recovery Services.

We’ll also explain how to confront them and how to delete them from your credit report.

About TRS Recovery Services, Inc.

TRS Recovery Services, Inc. is a small debt collection agency that was originally founded in 1989.

Their headquarters are located in Marietta, GA, and have a staff of five people.

Their revenue is about $500,000 per year.

In their nearly three decades of operation, they have accumulated numerous complaints from customers.

They currently have 50 complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and 224 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

They have also had 2 cases of civil litigation brought against them.

TRS Recovery Services has been accused of abusing consumers’ rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

This includes calling at unreasonable hours, ignoring debt validation requests, and reporting inaccurate information to credit bureaus.

If you are overwhelmed by dealing with negative entries on your credit report,
we suggest you ask a professional credit repair company for help.

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How to Get TRS Recovery Services Off Your Credit Report

Here are the steps you must take in order to effectively deal with TRS Recovery Services and remove their collection account.

Write a Goodwill Deletion Letter

If this debt constitutes a minor slip-up on your account, you can try asking TRS Recovery Services for a goodwill deletion.

A goodwill deletion is when a debt collector decides to remove their account from your credit report out of benevolence.

They will only be willing to remove your account if you have already paid the debt and if this infraction is an exception.

To ask for a goodwill deletion, you will need to write TRS Recovery Services a letter explaining why you were late on your payments in the first place.

If you had a job loss or medical expense that prevented you from making payments, you should mention this.

It’s important to be polite in your goodwill deletion letter. TRS Recovery Services would be doing you a favor by removing the entry from your credit report.

You should approach the situation with kindness if you want to see success.

Ask for Validation on the Debt

If you act fast, you should be able to ask TRS Recovery Services for validation on the debt.

You are granted the right under the FDCPA to ask a debt collector to provide you with evidence that you owe the debt they are attempting to recover.

However, this privilege is bound by a time restriction.

The FDCPA only guarantees your ability to request debt validation within the first 30 days of hearing from TRS Recovery Services.

You should not procrastinate this step because it could get your debt taken off your record.

Send them a letter requesting that they provide you with proof that they are authorized to collect your debt.

If you are unsure how to craft a debt validation letter, I have a sample letter that can help you get started.

TRS Recovery Services should return with various forms that list the details of your account.

Chances are, they may not be able to do so. If that’s the case, they are required to report this to the credit bureaus and remove the account.

Strike a Deal with TRS Recovery Services

If a debt collector can validate your debt, the next step is to strike a deal with them to remove their collection account.

This can be accomplished by working out what is known as a pay-for-delete agreement with TRS Recovery Services.

Pay-for-delete agreements take advantage of a debt collector’s ability to remove their entry from your credit report.

Any payment that you make to them means that they are making a profit. They are often willing to bend the rules to get you to make payments on your debt.

Because a debt collector often purchases debt for a fraction of the balance, you can sometimes get away with paying less than what you owe.

Start by offering them a portion of the debt in exchange for deletion.

Go back and forth with them until you can get them to agree to a deletion in exchange for payment.

Get them to send you the agreement in writing so that you have proof of the arrangement.

TRS Recovery Services should contact the credit bureaus individually and remove the account from your credit report within 30 days of receiving your first payment.

If it still appears after a month, reach out to them and remind them to get a move on.

Hire a Credit Professional

If you don’t feel like dealing with TRS Recovery Services, you don’t have to. You can hire a credit professional to help you clean up your credit report.

Credit repair professionals understand the motivations of companies like TRS Recovery Services.

They know exactly what to say in order to get them to agree to remove their collection account from your credit report.

We have several reviews of top credit repair companies that can help you decide which one to work with.

Be sure to consider your top credit concerns and budget when choosing a credit repair company.

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