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Sky Blue Credit Repair Review for 2020

When your credit score starts to sink, the process of rebuilding everything back up to a healthy level can seem overwhelming.

It can be hard to know where to begin in the journey back to financial strength, but Sky Blue is a company that can help you with that.

They are experienced in all areas of credit and have helped hundreds of customers rebuild their credit and head for success.

Who Is Sky Blue Credit Repair?

sky blue credit repair company logoSky Blue is an experienced credit repair company that is based out of Boca Raton, Florida.

They operate throughout all 50 states and have an emphasis on helping customers to build, develop, and repair their credit reports.

How Can Sky Blue Credit Repair Help?

Sky Blue works to rebuild your credit file and raise your score by making sure that there are no inaccuracies or incorrect information on your record.

If any are present, it will be almost impossible for you to improve your rating, even if you behave as a model consumer from this day on.

Sky Blue will get copies of your credit report from the three major credit bureaus. They will then work through them line by line to ensure that there is nothing on them that cannot be verified or confirmed.

If such elements are present, they can work with you to send dispute letters to credit agencies on your behalf. They will inform the agency that the incorrect items need to be removed from your report.

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How Much Is Sky Blue Credit Repair?

According to the Sky Blue Credit Repair website, you can begin repairing your credit for an initial fee of $79 and then $79/month.

What Items Can Be Removed by Sky Blue?

While actual debts cannot be removed, there must be proof that you indeed owe the debt for it to count. There are, however, aspects which can be removed from the report.

False Debts and Accounts

There have been instances of companies reporting debts that customers do not owe, or accounts that were not opened under the correct name. If these accounts do not exist, or the debt is not yours, it should not be on your credit report.

False Inquiries

You cannot have the same inquiry on your report more than once – any duplicates should be removed.

Accounts Older than Seven Years

If your account is in collections, it can only remain on your report for seven years. After this period, it must be removed from your report.

Bankruptcies and Tax Liens

If you have declared a bankruptcy or have an unpaid tax lien, they must be removed from your report after ten years.

Sky Blue can work with you to contact the appropriate agencies and bureaus if any of the above apply.

Do I Need A Credit Repair Company?

It may be tempting for you to try to fix your credit yourself, but this can be a lengthy and challenging process. Sky Blue can do the hard work for you.

They have a robust skill set and experience base to build from to help you in a faster and more effective way.

If your credit report is riddled with errors and inconsistencies, contacting the experts can be one of the easiest ways to help you get back on track.

Sky Blue Credit Repair Pros

Some of the pros of Sky Blue include:

Great Customer Service

One of the most significant benefits of the company is its commitment to providing high levels of customer service. They have a C rating with the BBB and have established a solid reputation as reliable, trustworthy, and honest.

There have even been reports of them helping customers who are just above the “bad enough” threshold to be helped – free of charge!

90 Day Guarantee

As part of their commitment to excellent service, they also offer a money-back guarantee. It will kick in if you find that your situation does not improve, or your credit file shows no signs of benefiting from the service.

In other words, if Sky Blue fails to deliver in any way, you can still receive a refund. This means you have nothing to lose by giving them a try.

They Take Care of the Hard Work For You

You will also benefit from a company representative identifying any items for dispute on your file, and this takes care of the most complicated and time-consuming aspect of the process.

They are also known for picking up on small, subtle inconsistencies which may otherwise be overlooked.

The Firm Handles all Disputes

Sky Blue will do the tough stuff, and this includes filing disputes with all three major credit reporting bureaus on your behalf.

This is all without you having to do anything. It saves you the precious time and effort of filing disputes yourself and can be very valuable if you are faced with multiple issues.

Even better, you will be contacted directly by the creditor – no need to wait for the Sky Blue representative to get back to you.


One of the most significant advantages of Sky Blue is the speed at which they work. They dispute up to 15 inquiries every 35 days, which works out to 5 per bureau. This is exceptionally fast compared to other competitors and credit repair companies.


In addition to helping remove inconsistencies and inaccuracies from reports, Sky Blue also teaches their customers about ways to improve their scores and files. They also advise on the best ways to spot items that need removing.

They help you to locate them more quickly and become familiar with what should and should not be present.

Additional Services

No additional charge is levied for services such as goodwill letters, debt validation, or assistance when it comes to negotiating with the credit bureaus.

Customized Disputes

The personalized service is another benefit of Sky Blue. Unlike some credit companies who send out stock, standard letters to creditors and bureaus, all correspondences will be personal, individualized, and relevant to your situation.

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Are There Any Cons of Sky Blue Credit Repair?

As with any service, there are negatives, and these include:

Very Basic Website

Appearances are not everything, but there is no denying that the website and online experience offered by Sky Blue is a little underwhelming.

First impressions count, and it seems likely that customers will feel more inspired and enthused by a more sophisticated website with a better design.

It could be a reason that Sky Blue misses out on valuable customers.

It May Feel Unnecessary

Some customers may be reluctant to spend money on a service that could be done themselves with a little research and hard work.

Going through a professional company, such as Sky Blue, does help to make the process faster and more convenient.

However, this may not be a good enough reason for some customers to part with their hard-earned cash.

Is Sky Blue Credit Repair Right For Your Needs?

There is no denying that Sky Blue is a company that goes above and beyond for their customers. They even offer free advice for those who may not directly qualify for their help.

Their plans are affordable, but there is always a risk that a customer may choose a DIY approach to save cash, especially with the underwhelming website offered by the brand.

Aside from this detail, this is a professional, reliable credit repair option, and is a solid choice for anyone looking to rebuild his or her credit score and remove any report errors or inconsistencies.

Sky Blue Credit Repair


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