Signed Up For A Credit Card To Get A Free Sandwich

Sandwich to sign up for Credit Card


Hi. So my situation is I’ve just checked my credit report for the first time about a few months ago and I have two credit cards open under my name, LUCKILY with zero balances which was open two years ago. But the thing is, I’m not exactly sure If I have applied for one of the cards or not. There was a stupid promotion so I signed up for a card to get a free sandwich (I didn’t know any better at that time). I don’t know if I was accepted for that or not, but I’ve only applied for one credit card, which was a year ago that I am sure of, which I am currently using. So I’m very positive that one of those open credit cards, I have never applied for, but I’m uncertain about the promotion one..I’m still in college and learning more about this stuff. How should I handle this situation for my credit and also the credit cards? Thanks!


First you need to call both credit card companies and verify that you actually have the accounts. If they verify that you do have the accounts, do yourself a favor and close them. If they have no record of you, contact the credit agencies and dispute the accounts as “not mine”.
Have you ever heard the quote, “there is no such thing as a free lunch”? It’s true.

Also, read my article regarding college campuses and credit card companies.

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