Repairing Bad Credit? You MUST be Persistent!


I have an old Verizon bill for $44 that I didn’t know about. Verizon has sold the account to a collection agency. And the collection agency is listed on my credit report (they list Verizon as the original creditor) I have attempted to negotiate a payment in full for delete with the collection agency but they flat out refused. I have called Verizon and they informed me that the account no longer belongs to them and I should contact the collection agency.

I can still log on to the Verizon account website using my old log on. If I pay the bill on the Verizon website can I then dispute the collection account with the credit bureaus as “not my account” or “paid with original creditor”? If so will this then make Verizon add a paid collection account to my credit report?

My Response

While I like your creativity (which is usually required when improving your credit), I would not suggest doing this. It won’t work. The collection agency will eventually take your offer if you are persistent. Keep up the good work and don’t give up — you will eventually win

Take Home Point

Persistence, persistence, persistence is the key to repairing bad credit! I know all too well (from experience) that dealing with collection agencies is about the most miserable activity on the planet. Nonetheless, I hope all of my readers will kindly keep in mind that being persistent is the one thing that will enable you to win!


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