Do I have to pay credit cards that are not in my name?


I recently had about 4 accounts removed from my report because they were opened by someone else when I was underage. I have been paying these credit card bills because the person who opened them stopped paying and they were affecting my credit. My boyfriend recently told me I shouldn’t have to pay since I didn’t open them and told me to dispute the accounts which I did. So they were effectively removed from my credit account but I am still receiving bills from these credit card companies. If I stop paying will they be able to put it back on my credit report?


Yes, more than likely they will –you need to start by calling the credit card companies right away and tell them that these are not your accounts and to stop sending you bills. If they are not in your name, they are not your legal responsibility. If you made some sort of arrangement with the person who opened the accounts and this wasn’t identity theft, I would suggest honoring that arrangement for moral reasons.

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