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PrivacyGuard Review

In this PrivacyGuard review, we will cover the many features available with this extensive data protection service.

There are several free credit reporting and monitoring services out there. But we want to give you some feedback on a comprehensive system based on paid subscriptions.

What is PrivacyGuard?

privacy guard logoPrivacyGuard is a paid service that provides identity protection and credit reporting and monitoring.

They aim to keep the user’s important data secure to prevent fraud and identity theft.

It is part of the Trilegiant Cooperation and is based out of Stamford, CA.

Their services are certified by Norton, ISO, and the PCI Security Standards Council.

What Does PrivacyGuard Offer?

PrivacyGuard offers an extensive list of anti-fraud and credit reporting services. They sell three different data protection packages.

PrivacyGuard ID Protection Plan

PrivacyGuard’s identity protection package protects against identity theft, with a promise of $1 million identity theft insurance to back them up.

This package contains a variety of features that monitor your information. And it provides you with assistance if any of your data is compromised.

Their ID Protection service includes black market web surveillance and web browser security. They monitor the use of your ID information online, in case someone other than you enters it.

It also runs checks to see if your social security number was entered for any purpose. Or if any public records were changed in your name.

These measures protect you against any damaging reports from actions that you did not commit.

It also offers free educational resources so you can better protect your personal information.

They release studies that show how many people compromise their data without realizing it. For instance, making purchases on public Wi-Fi, shopping online with a debit card, or allowing their payment details to be saved on multiple sites.

PrivacyGuard Credit Protection

Their credit reporting pulls from all three credit bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. This allows the highest possible accuracy for Vantage scores.

PrivacyGuard’s interface will also show you how your scores have changed since your last report. It tells you how many points were increased or decreased according to each credit bureau.

It includes educational features that help you understand how to interpret your credit report. This software is supported by credit monitoring so that you can see if any fraudulent activity or errors have occurred.

In the case of an error or fraud, PrivacyGuard will offer assistance to resolve the problem. This service is accessible through their toll-free hotline.

PrivacyGuard Total Protection Plan

PrivacyGuard offers a total protection plan that is considered their comprehensive package. It offers all the features included in both the ID Protection Plan and the Credit Protection Plan.

How Much Does PrivacyGuard Cost?

That depends on the service. PrivacyGuard offers a $1 trial that lasts for two weeks. If you are satisfied with this trial, you can sign up for one of their three offers.

PrivacyGuard ID Protection Plan

For $9.99/month, you can subscribe to ID protection. This service includes a mobile secure keyboard and browser, ID fraud resolution support, black market web surveillance, lost & found assistance, and up to $1 million identity theft insurance.

PrivacyGuard Credit Protection

Their credit monitoring and reporting services lack these identity protection features, sold at $19.99/month. These services include things like monthly credit scores, credit score simulators, and 24/7 credit monitoring.

It also includes fraud resolution support and it secures mobile keyboards and browsing.

PrivacyGuard Total Protection Plan

The Total Protection subscription is $24.99/month. It offers a complete service that includes all ID protection and credit reporting and monitoring services.

In comparing PrivacyGuard’s paid subscriptions to those of Credit Sesame, PrivacyGuard does offer some features that Credit Sesame does not. For instance, it promises up to $1 million in identity theft insurance. They also include a credit simulator and financial suite calculator in their credit reporting package. PrivacyGuard additionally provides low pre-approved credit card offers for their subscribers.

PrivacyGuard is among the more expensive services. For instance, Credit Sesame’s Platinum service is sold for only $19.95/month. This is $5 less than what PrivacyGuard offers for its parallel Total Protection service.

(Product costs updated as of 3/26/21)

Is PrivacyGuard Safe?

Yes, PrivacyGuard has been accredited by Norton, ISO, and the PCI Security Standards Council.

Pros and Cons of PrivacyGuard

Users can try the software for two weeks before deciding to subscribe. This is one major benefit to PrivacyGuard. Plus, the trial period is only $1. This gives customers some time to become familiar with the system. And specifically, to compare its features with those of similar programs.

However, it does not include antivirus protection, and cannot keep watch on your bank account activity. This is a particular downside. On the other hand, it gives you the option to select packages that focus on only identity or credit protection. This is helpful if you do not feel the need to pay $24.99/month for both.

Should You Use PrivacyGuard?

Yes, we think a plan such as PrivacyGuard can be beneficial. It includes many additional features that free credit reporting and monitoring systems do not have:

3 Credit Bureau Reporting

For example, triple-bureau credit reports and daily monitoring are only available through paid services like PrivacyGuard.

PrivacyGuard’s credit reporting shows you how your scores have changed from month to month.  And this is a unique aspect.

PrivacyGuard notes the increase or decrease in your credit ratings, according to each of the three credit bureaus.

Hotline Assistance

They also have a hotline available to assist with fraud or identity theft. And this feature is not guaranteed with a free interface. PrivacyGuard’s extended ID protection monitoring is another positive factor. Because it separates them from other software products that do not require a paid subscription.

Furthermore, PrivacyGuard promises a hotline with devoted representatives. Specifically, these employees can help answer customers’ questions regarding their credit scores, or any detected fraudulent activity. This feature is not necessarily unique to PrivacyGuard however, as Credit Sesame also offers 24/7 live support.

Extra Resources

Privacy guard offers many useful resources so that clients can better learn how to improve their credit ratings. And they help clients protect their important data. Some of this data, including studies, is available to the public on their website.

All in all, PrivacyGuard may not be best for those on a budget. This is because there many similar services available for free. However, it can be a valuable resource for those more focused on identity protection.



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