Credit Letter Kit

Thanks for subscribing to my newsletter! As promised, here is your free credit letter. Use the tabs below to pick the letter you want to use. Then copy and paste the letter into Word and edit it to fit your needs.

Goodwill / Forgiveness Removal Letter
Note: Goodwill letters are meant to be personal and reflect your individual
situation. Therefore, this is only an example to give you some ideas.

[your full name]
[your full address]
[your full phone number]

Dear Sir or Madam,
This letter is in reference to a paid collection with the account number [xxxx].
In [year] a collection for the amount of [xx.xx] was sent to your agency due to a
series of hardships and medical problems in my life. While I normally make great
strives to honor my debts and fulfill my responsibilities, at the time of the debt I was
unfortunately unable to. I have since gotten back on my feet and paid this debt to
your agency.

I am now trying to buy a home, however I am having difficulties receiving an
affordable rate due to having a collection on my account. I am kindly hoping, given
the date and amount of this collection, if your collection agency would consider
removing this collection from my credit report as a gesture of goodwill. This kind
gesture would sincerely be appreciated and an invaluable gift to my family and I.
[your name]

Negotiate A Complete Removal

[today’s date]
[original creditor or name of collection agency if account was sold]
[creditor address]

RE: [account ex: Citibank Mastercard] account # [full account number] (if contacting
a collection agency include the original acc. number, i.e., the Mastercard number in
this case, and also include any acc. number assigned by the collection agency –this
number would be on one of your collection letters)

Dear Sir or Madam,
After recently reviewing my credit report, I took notice that the above-mentioned
account is currently in [status of account, ex: Charge Off] status. I sincerely would
like to take care of this account as soon as possible.

Due to [whatever caused you to be late on your payments, ex: illness], I
unfortunately got behind on my payments and was unable to meet my obligations.
However, since then my situation has greatly improved and I am in the position to
recompense this debt.

I am willing to pay [creditor’s name] [x payments a month] equalling the amount of
[total they are requesting] provided that the above account is updated on all credit
reporting agencies to state: PAID AS AGREED, or completely removed from all credit
reporting agencies upon my final payment.

I am not agreeing to an updated credit report that states this account as: “PAID
CHARGE OFF” or the like, as this will not significantly increase my credit score, nor
will it reflect my sincere willingness to restore my good name and hopefully,
someday, again do business with your company.

Your written response will serve as an agreement to my proposal and I will begin
payments. Thank you very much for your valued time.

Best regards,
[first & last name] [street address] [city, state, zip code]

Advanced Credit Dispute Letter
Note: The listed errors are just examples. Look over your credit report in
detail and change these examples to the errors you found.

[your full name and address]
[Credit agency name and address]

To Whom It May Concern:
In a recent review of my credit report, I have noticed some errors. Please make the
following changes:

Account name, acc. # XXXXX

  1. The Date of 1st Delinquency with original creditor is not provided. Please provide this.
  2. The end of the seven-year reporting is not listed. Please provide this.
  3. Credit Limit is not listed. Please provide this.
  4. Date of Major Delinquency is not listed. Please provide this.
  5. Actual Payment Amount is incorrect. Please correct or remove this.

Account name, acc. # XXXXX

  1. Date of Major Delinquency is not listed. Please provide this.
  2. Charge Off amount is not provided. Please provide this.
  3. Incorrect Account Status, it should be “As Agreed”. Please correct or remove this.

In the event that you cannot verify the details of these accounts, please remove
these damaging accounts from my credit report. If you can verify the information
you have listed as accurate, I would need the name of the person providing this data,
and the manner in which it was provided in order that I may pursue additional

[Your name]

Medical Collection Removal Letter

Dear [credit reporting agency],
My name is [your name] , my SS # is [xxx xx xxxx].
I have no knowledge or records of account # [xxxxx] from [original creditor] on my
report . Please advise me as to the name and address of the medical provider, the
date and type of service,and to whom the service was provided, as any account I
might have had would be obsolete.

If you can obtain this information, I also would need the name of the person
providing this data, and the manner in which it was provided in order that I may
pursue additional legal remedies.

Very truly yours,
[your name]

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