Cleaning Up Credit After Identity Stolen By Parent

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My mother used my name without my permission when i turned age 18. I found out about it when i turned 20. By then i owed about 12,000.00 dollars on 8 credit cards. I was able to remove 7 of them on my own. I was so happy. The last one is giving me problems. Its Capital One. 5,000.00 is owed. Half is all fees. I contacted the FTC, made a police report, and contacted the fraud department of Capital One, also sent many letters to the credit agencies. I call every week and have sent many letters. Nothing is helping. I am now age 24 and still cannot buy a car. How can I get it removed so i can buy a car or house someday?


Hi [name removed] –
Unfortunately, your situation is not uncommon and it can be a hell of a task cleaning up the mess your mother created. However, you have made some good progress and taken all of the right steps to get this Capital One card taken care of. Capital One aren’t easy to deal with and I’ve also had problems. My recommendation is to contact the CEO directly. His office is pretty good about getting back to people if the problem is legit and it sounds like yours is. I suggest writing them a very kind and specific letter outlining your situation –similar to the letter you wrote me. Here is his mailing address:

Richard Fairbank, CEO
Capital One
1500 Capital One Drive
Richmond, VA 23285-5520


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