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How To Remove Late Payments From Your Credit Report

Late payments can be a big deal.

They count significantly toward your FICO score calculation which so many lenders check when you apply for a loan.

However, in my experience, it’s really not that difficult to get late payments removed and see a bump in your credit score.

3 Ways To Remove Late Payments From Your Credit Report

Here are 3 proven ways to remove late payments from your credit report:

How to remove late payment from credit report

1. Request a “Goodwill Adjustment” from the Original Creditor

The idea is simple, and it works surprisingly well.

Many times creditors are happy to grant “goodwill adjustments” if your previous payment history is relatively good and you have established a good relationship with the creditor.

This is probably the easiest and surest way to get a late payment removed from your credit report.

The process involves writing the creditor a letter explaining your situation (why you were late) and asking that they “forgive” the late payment and adjust your credit report accordingly.

The easiest way to get started is to use this goodwill/forgiveness letter template that I created. This method might not work if you have multiple late payments.

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2. Negotiate Removal by Offering to Sign Up for Automatic Payments

I have never actually tried this method myself, but from what I understand creditors frequently offer to remove late payment entries if you, in exchange, agree to sign up for automatic payments.

This strategy works well for both parties: the creditor can ensure future on-time payments will be made, and you don’t have to worry about remembering to make payments or being charged late fees if you forgot to pay by the due date.

Of course, automatic payments are only good when you have the money in your bank account to cover the transaction.

I would love to hear from those of you who have succeeded with this method!

UPDATE: Several readers have verified that this method did work for them, so try this next if a goodwill letter doesn’t work.

3. Dispute the Late Payment as Inaccurate

I certainly do not advocate lying or claiming negative information is inaccurate when you know that you really did make late payments.

BUT, if you find ANY inaccuracies on the late payment entry (dates, amounts, etc), you can begin disputing the late payment as inaccurately reported.

Sometimes creditors have a difficult time verifying the exact details of your account history.

Therefore, if you write a dispute letter protesting the inaccurate late payment and the creditor can’t verify it, the negative entry can be removed in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).


  • Your name
  • Creditor’s name
  • Payment information
  • Account number

Have A Professional Remove The Late Payments

We understand that credit repair can be overwhelming.

If you’d rather have a professional credit repair company help, I suggest you check out Lexington Law.

Credit repair experts like the ones at Lexington Law may be able to remove inaccurate negative information on your behalf.

Credit repair companies will typically charge a monthly subscription fee while you work with them but they’re also easy to cancel and there’s no long-term commitment.

For someone with items that can be challenged, most times, progress can typically be made in 45 or 90 days.

Ask Lex Law for Help

How Long Do Late Payments Stay On Your Credit Report?

Late payments can stay on your credit report for up to seven years from the original delinquency date (which is the date of the missed payment).

This will affect your ability to get loans.

A lower credit score will also affect the interest rates you get if you do get approved for a credit card or auto loan.

How Much Does a Late Payment Hurt My Credit?

If you have perfect or near-perfect credit, a late payment could knock upwards of 100 points off your FICO score.

As you can see, a single late payment can have a bigger impact on your credit file than you may think.

That’s because payment history comprises 35% — the biggest chunk — of your credit score.

When you already have excellent credit, you have more room for one negative item to take a big hit.

A single late payment will have a smaller impact if your credit file already has some problems such as multiple late payments or a charge-off or collection account.

How to Keep Late Payments Off Your Credit File

If you’re reading this and already have delinquencies reported on your credit report, it’s obviously too late to prevent the negative marks from appearing in your credit history.

You should stick to the methods I outlined above to remove the late payments and restore your credit.

But if you aren’t yet 30 days late on a payment, read this section carefully.

You can still prevent a late payment from hurting your credit score.

Doing this will be much easier than trying to remove the negative items from your credit report later.

Here’s what you can do:

Monitor Your Credit To Prevent Problems

Yes, you can get your free credit report, but some credit card companies and mortgage servicers offer free credit monitoring that’s built into your everyday life.

You can just log into your account online or tap on an app to see your FICO or VantageScore anytime.

Experian offers free access to your credit report on a monthly basis and provides free credit report monitoring as well.

You can also monitor your credit using free apps like Credit Sesame and Credit Karma.

These apps won’t show your official FICO score but they can alert you to big changes.

A big and sudden change to your credit score could be a sign of identity theft or of inaccurate late payments being reported by one of your creditors.

Detecting this kind of problem early will make fixing it easier.

Communicate with the Credit Issuer

It’s tempting to ignore past due bills, especially from credit card companies that can’t turn off your utilities or repossess your car. But try to avoid this temptation.

A lot of credit accounts offer payment flexibility you should take advantage of if you’re struggling to make on-time payments.

Some companies will let you skip a payment so you can get your personal finances back on track.

But you won’t know about these possibilities if you don’t get in touch with your creditor.

So don’t ignore their phone calls or emails, especially when you’re still not 30 days late.

Use Covid-19 Relief Programs If Possible

During the coronavirus pandemic a lot of creditors, such as student loan servicers, froze credit accounts.

Other creditors started Covid-19 relief programs for account holders who had been affected by the pandemic.

Still, others stopped sending late payment information to the 3 credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, or selling charge-off accounts to collection agencies.

This kind of help can help keep your accounts in good standing and help you keep good credit during challenging times.

But you may need to ask your creditor to enroll you in these programs. Again, communicating with your creditor before your account becomes 30 days or more delinquent will be key.

Change Due Dates or Consolidate If Helpful

Most credit card issuers such as Capital One and Discover will let you change your due date to avoid payment conflicts with other bills such as your rent or auto loan payment.

Sometimes a simple change like this can create the relief you need to keep your credit score on the up and up.

You could also consider consolidating several smaller credit card balances into one larger credit card or personal loan.

You’d have fewer due dates to remember, and you could probably pay less in interest charges, too.

Knowing Your Rights Can Help You Negotiate Late Payments

Congress has passed several laws to help consumers negotiate with credit reporting agencies and creditors.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act, for example, gives you access to your credit file for free every year.

Visit to get your free credit reports from the three credit reporting bureaus.

If you discover inaccurate information, the law requires the bureaus to fix this information or remove it.

Be sure to file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau if your attempts to remove inaccurate negative information get no response.


  1. I have a credit score of 817. However, i still have a 120+ day late payment on 2 of my 3 reports. How long do late payments stay on credit reports and am I presently able to get a mortgage?

  2. Thank you so much for your help. I had 3 cards that were 30 days late because I literally got a phone call from work and said to not bother coming in because they couldn’t afford to pay me anymore. In 12 years none of these cards had been late. I have called Capital one and Cometity bank and both are removing the 30 day late action. Now on to Macys!

    1. Laura,

      Let me know how it worked out with Macys. I have tried to get a late charge removed from my account with no luck. I signed up for email notifications instead of paper statements. I never received any emails and I ended up being 60 days late without any knowledge. The people I have spoken to on the phone have told me to contact my email provider to prove I never received the emails. Seriously???

      1. I went onto the credit bureaus website and filed a dispute on all of my late creditors….and the only one that never responded in the 30 days was Macys. So it was automatically removed. Now its not even showing on my credit report 🙂

  3. Hello. I am hoping you can help me. I had a care credit card that has a co-signer. There was a mixup where a payment did not go through. However I was unaware of this and thought it was paid off. I was no longer getting any bills or letters which continued my belief that it was paid off. Now is a year later, and my co-signer tried to apply for a credit card and was declined because of this unpaid debt. The company never once contacted her either as my co-signer to get payments. She informed me of the debt, and I quickly called up the collector and paid it in full. Why question is, is there any way I have get the negative mark on -her- credit removed? I do not mind if the mark stays on my account I just want to get it removed from hers. Her credit is great and her credit history shows she pays her bills on time and is fast to pay off any loans. This one issue is the only negative mark on her history. I feel very guilty over it, as it was an innocent mistake that the account remained unpaid. Angain, Neither one of us were ever aware of this debt until now. Can I do anything to help get it removed from her credit at least?

  4. I had a JCPenny card I let my grandmother use so she could get a discount. She told me she paid it off immediately but she did not so it went 1 year without getting paid until I got letters from debt collectors. That was 3 years ago and the card has been closed ever since. All my other credit cards have always been on time and paid in full. Would I be able to call them and ask for the good will removal or would a year of late payments be too much?
    I have been denied a mortgage because of it.

  5. So I had a credit card with Capital One starting back in 2007. At the end of 2008 I moved. In the back of my head I thought I had autopay set up (I have it with all my other cards). Well, February comes and I started forwarding my mail which is a few months after I moved, and I finally get a statement saying my card is no longer in service. I call them right away and they say that I haven’t made a payment in 120 days, so they closed my account. I payed the amount due on my credit card ( $65 or so) on the phone that instant, but they wouldn’t reopen the account anyways.

    Now it’s 2015 and I’m starting to look at buying a house, but there there are 4 (30,60,90,120 day) late payments on my record and it is dropping my credit score a lot.

    What do you suggest I do?
    And do I have a good chance of getting all of them knocked off my record since it was only for $65 dollars?

    1. I’m going through the same exact thing where I moved and thought I had a zero balance with Capital One. Turns out I didn’t. Now fast forward and I wanna purchase a house and right there on my report is 30/60/90 days past due. Did you ever get this resolved? Any advice?

    2. I had the same issue with Capital One. Made a $100 charge, but never received a statement. 6 months later i get one in the mail with late fees on it. I call up, they reverse the late fees and I paid it. Then next month I get another bill with another late fee. Called again, they removed it. Then i was informed my card was restricted for future purchases. They said there is nothing they can do. So aggravating and it was $100. I never made a late payment in over 15 years with Capital One and there is “nothing they can do”. Do you really think a letter of goodwill will help? This was almost 3 years ago.

  6. After applying for a FASFA I was denied at the very last step because of a student loan I hadn’t paid on for quite sometime. However I knew nothing about this loan nor did I know what school it was from. It turned out to be a trade school I attended a couple year prior. I called the provided contact number and it FedLoan. After notifying me on my late payments for quite a few months. I began the process to start making payments. Either bad timing or a set up, but I had already mailed the paperwork they needed and a couple weeks later i relieved a letter from a collection agency for the student loan that was past due. Confused, I called and spoke to them to ask who I was to pay exactly. ( obviously a big mistake) they told me I needed to pay on time for 9 months to get my loan back in good standing (rehabilitation). May 5, 2015 was my 9th payment and it’s back in good standing and I’m now set up for Auto Pay through NelNet for the remainder of the pay off. Thankfully now I can go back to school. However, the orginal report is still showing on my credit report.. Can I have this removed? If so, would it be the debt collectors who handled my payments? ( US Department of Education) thank you 🙂

    1. I work for one of the servicers for the Department of Education. You would want to dispute the report with the entity that reported it. If on your report is specifies Fedloans, you would have to dispute with them. If it lists the Dept of Ed collections, you would have to dispute with them.

      Its worth a shot, but honestly….you’d have an uphill battle. I know the one I work for doesn’t cut any slack, and because of government regulation, they all tend to service similarly. Technically, they aren’t supposed to remove valid entries, but the guarantor (for your loans, Dept of Ed) will sometimes agree to have entries removed as part of a rehabilitation plan if the borrower agrees to meet x,y,z requirements. If this wasn’t part of the agreement and the loans have been rehabbed with Nelnet though, it doesn’t look like that was part of the plan. Is it guaranteed they’ll refuse? No; its always worth a shot. But since they were satisfied and gave the loan to Nelnet, they don’t have as much of a drive to meet your demands. Its likely they’re going to tell you they don’t have it anymore and to contact Nelnet. Problem being, Nelnet can’t dispute an entry made by another entity.

      From what I’ve seen, state guarantors are more willing to agree to remove entries. I don’t recall a time when Dept of Ed (new-ish loans have Ed as a guarantor rather than a state) agreed to remove. If there’s anything that made the reporting a servicing error, have documented proof showing that the reporting is invalid. They will remove entries if they reported in error. Good luck!

      1. Hello,
        What if you are a co signer?
        Didn’t know my kid didn’t pay it off. I am in the middle of getting a mortgage and it showed up on the second credit pull. Paid it off.
        How likely is it that navient will take it off my report?

    2. I have the same problem with FedLoan. They are total A-holes! They reported me to all 3 credit bureaus and listed two separate loans on each credit bureau so now I have 6 negative items total. I had two loans with them but they were consolidated into one loan and I paid monthly payments towards one loan. Yet they separated them into two loans for each credit bureau. I have been disputing and fighting to get these off my credit. The marks have damaged my credit really bad. 120 + on each item! It was their error too and they won’t fess up to it! They don’t even honor goodwill. I really hate FedLoan. They are disgusting, vile creatures…

    1. Wells Fargo is the worst bank right behind Chase. Go with Discover or Citi if you want some compassion.

      1. I completely agree! Wells Fargo is going down hill fast. We were late on a payment because my wife never received the online statements of a credit card we haven’t used in over 3 years. She pulled the card out to buy something and thought it was her debit card. I found out we were 2 months late because I was checking our credit report. They wouldn’t waive the fee or do anything for us. Instead of waiving the $15 fee they lost a customer and we closed our 15k credit card with them.. we’ll NEVER EVER EVER sign up with them for anything EVER.. No credits, no mortgage

    2. Wow, I was so glad to read this. My fiance and I bought a car for me. I used my car as a trade-in and money from my account, that brought the amt borrowed to 65% of it’s value or rather 35% down. They approved for me to go on the title, even though my fiance was the sole borrower. A year and 5 months later they came back saying they wanted me off the loan. At the time we didnt know our options and were somewhat duressed into signing the paperwork with “possibilities of them voiding the loan”, so we complied. We made every payment on time and then an extra 20% a month towards principle, owing significantly less than it’s value. At the time, there was a minimal amount of risk. They we’re rude, told us they didnt approve for me to be on the title and the dealership lied, even though I was there when the dealership made the phonecall asking for approval, and after I stated we would be paying the car off early they put a “negative inquiry” on our account. Which is funny cause they weren’t even supposed to talk to me since I am not on the loan and seems anyone could call and hurt your account then if they wanted to. What if I was a vengeful ex or something, lol? Not that “their little remarks” matter, since we’ll never do business with them again. We we’re going to initially get a home equity loan with them to do a remodel since we had our car financed by them. Now we will get it elsewhere and just add the car to it! Wells fargo is rude and customer satisfaction ranks at the bottom of their priorities. Trust me, take your business elsewhere. I promise you won’t regret it.

  7. Hi Ryan,
    I have a Macy’s card with went 30-days past and it was reported. I would like to get it removed from reporting.

    Let me explain in details what happened. I made some purchases and some returns in December of last year. Usually Macy’s would sent me an e-mail, a statement in mail, etc letting me know that there is a balance due. But this time around I did not receive anything from them, so I assumed that there was no balance to be paid, but in fact there was and it became past-due.

    Macy’s collection called me in February of this year and said that the balance is past-due and asked that I pay that balance. That was a big news to me since I had not received any notifications from Macy’s about any payment due. I promptly paid the balance and successfully negotiated late fee and interest reversal. I believe I even asked the rep if it will be reported, to which she said it will not be reported — though I am not 100% sure if I posed this question, but I think I did because that’s something I would do.

    Now fast-forward to May. I am applying for a home loan and I find out that Macy’s had in fact reported the late-payment. I called their customer service and kept going up the chain but they refused to remove late reported. I made argument that I had not received any mail, e-mail from Macy’s about my balance but they kept saying they had sent me e-mails and the e-mail was not returned back to them. Finally, at the end of the rope they said to write a letter to their Mason, OH address if I would like to further pursue this matter.

    1) Can Goodwill letter help in this case and if so what is my line of argument/request?
    2) Should I even move forward with a Goodwill letter since I plan on closing end of this month? Will it hurt/help my credit score?

    Thank you in advance for your reply

      1. Can a late payment on a credit report be removed if that account was closed and paid in full? I’m six years into the late payment being on my report. 2012 was a difficult year. Thanks!

    1. I had the same issue with Macys, especially the no mail or email statements. My wife and I thought we had a zero balance when we had $45 charge that we were not aware of. Macys issued a 30-day late payment that hit my credit. Needless to say, we were upset and got them to reverse the score based on them having issues with their billing department.

    2. This is exactly what happened to me as well! I called Macy’s and explained that I didn’t receive any email notification from them regarding the payment/balance due on my account. The amount I owe is actually $2, yes you heard it right!

      So, I called the customer service and explained the situation and they said they cannot do anything about it. Why in the world anybody don’t want to pay $2. I went ahead and closed my account with Macy’s. This happened in 2013.

      Is it possible to reverse this 30-day late payment reported on my credit report?

    3. I am currently having the same issue with Macy’s. I was completely unaware that I had a missed payment from Macys only because I do not use my card often and it is not a bill I pay monthly. Currently Macy’s says I have two late payments from 2014 and they are unable to remove them. I informed them that I was in the process of purchasing a home and they were no help at all. The rep on the phone informed me that even if I wanted to increase my credit line with them they still would not remove the item. It’s so frustrating because I definitely do not remember missing the payment but the dates of the missed payment fall during the time period where I was a college student. Now this will follow me for years. I have this ONE item on my credit report and it s preventing me from being financial free. Macy’s is the worst.

    4. Wow, I had a lot of problems with Macy’s too, glad to hear I’m not alone. I will not be shopping there ever in the future because of their flat out refusal to help me with a simple mistake of not making a payment similar to the stories I see on here, I thought I would be receiving a paper statement but they only sent an email, which I did not see since it went to my spam folder, and on top of it, when I finally did find it, it looked like an advertising email for a sale. I was just a couple months late due to not seeing the statement, and I promptly paid the whole amount the day I found out that I owed them. The total amount was not even that much, under $200. They flat out refused to help me at all in the credit department to remove the late payment mark on my credit report, or do something to help. The only department that helped was the first department I called which was the normal payment department, all they did was remove a late fee, but I was really hurt by my credit score going down A LOT. Had almost a perfect score for a long time, and you miss one statement and boom. The other thing that bothered me is that macy’s did not bother to send me a notice in the mail BEFORE they reported to a credit agency. I’ve had the macy’s card for years, no missed or late payments, and you would think they would have the decency to alert me. So long Macy’s! Won’t be shopping with you anymore. They are going to be bankrupt soon anyways like the other department stores.

  8. Hey Ryan,

    I was in an accident a few months back i have been paying all my medical bills however, I believe there was one I didn’t get or I didn’t see because as I was checking my credit score and it went done because of a bill for $64. The bill is now being collected from a collection agency. My question is, should I contact the hospital or should I contact the collection agency to delete that from my credit score.

    Thanks for your help man.

    1. If it’s already in collections, you’d probably have better luck contacting the collection agency. Sometimes you can contact the original creditor, but this usually isn’t the case with hospitals.

  9. Hi, I have a corp. credit card from CITI that was over due more than 90 days being reported on my credit report. I had moved from Mass to Pennsylvania and never got the bill in mail and didnt realize it until I checked my credit report. I called and paid the bill in full and the account is closed. I asked them to for goodwill adjustment, wrote letter and disputed it with experian but NO luck in any of the cases.

    Any suggestion on how to get this late payment removed? This is the only late payment on my credit report.

  10. I just got my mortgage in December and before my first payment was due they transferred the mortgage to another company. During th transfer process they wrote a letter stating they wouldn’t report for 60 days. Well I paid my Januray payment on time and I paid February and March payment before March 31st. Well I they reported both payment late on my Experian profile but not Equifax or Transunion. What can I do to resolve this issue? I need to get this off my credit because I want to Refinance in a year or so. Please help! thanks!

  11. My ex husband wrecked a truck that was primarily in my name, although the divorce decree legally stated that it was his responsibility. He never refinanced in his own name and after he wrecked, he just decided that there was no reason to pay on something that did not exist. The resulting nightmare that ensued for the next 6 months dropped my credit score from over 800 to a 660. I have been told by the lien holder that they would write an affidavit to the credit bureau for me, but I have seen no improvement. Do I need to ensure that all 3 bureaus are aware that an affidavit has been written to one’? Maybe I should contact the bank again and ask a second time? I’ve never been late on a payment and I want my credit score back. I need to buy a house soon and I feel as though he has ruined my life.

  12. Can I do this with my auto loan that I still owe on and am now current with? I was accidentally late because I had surgery, and when I went to pay the bill after my surgery, the payment never went through. My credit took a HUGE hit because of it, and I was in the process of getting approved for a mortgage when this happened.

  13. I’ve had two late payments posted on my credit report from wellsfargo, and it’s been 9 months since with good standing, and I recently sent a goodwill letter. Been two weeks so far and haven’t heard from them. What should I do? I also called and supervisor said there was nothing she can do about it.

    1. Try sending another letter but this time request a return receipt. The post office offers this option… they’ll basically send you notice when the letter has been received. That way you can verify that they got it.

  14. Thanks so much for the advice. I called EXPRESS Credit Card because I had a 30 day late payment back from march/14 . At first the customer representative said they don’t do that, so I asked to talk to a supervisor so they transferred me to a credit department manager. I explained that we are in the process of buying a house and that it would be appreciated if they could help us get that removed. It didn’t take much for her to say ITS DONE, she asked me if I needed a letter so she sent it to my email. So now its a wait game (about 45 days) to reflect on my credit report.

  15. Ryan,

    In early 2012 I came across a financial hardship which led to late payments on four credit accounts. These late payments do show on my credit score. I am now more established and have been consistent with all my lines of credit…(paid off two) but these late payments from two years ago are still affecting me. Do you think a goodwill/adjustment letter may help get these removed?

    Thank You

  16. I was told by my credit union loan officer that the 4 1/2 year old late payment on my credit report is not used to calculate my FICO score since it is over 4 years old. Is that correct??

  17. I paid my Nissan Altima Late by 6minutes online. Nissan Acceptance marked me 30 days late for the first time in 10 months. This dropped my score 45 points!!!! HELP

      1. I sent a letter to Wells Fargo requesting a goodwill adjustment (co-signer on my daughter’s auto loan – she had three late payments which I paid immediately when they phoned me AND I paid the loan off 2 years early). They denied my request stating “late payments cannot be reversed as its part of my history. I’ve never had a late payment on MY personal credit history and invited them to look at it. VERY DISAPPOINTED!

  18. I have just had a very similar conversation with my credit union. About a year ago I had a single month reported at 30 days past due. I called them today and asked if they could make a goodwill removal of the reported late payment. They told me that not only could they not, but they could be fined by the credit bureaus for falsifying the report. This credit union only has three people in their credit/collections department and I spoke with two of them. No other person to call at this point there.

    Have you heard of any other creditors who have said that it was not allows or considered fraud for them to remove late payments from credit reports?

  19. Hi Ryan,

    I recently had one of my credit cards closed because I wasn’t able to make a payment for two months (I just graduated from college and was looking for a job, so no source of income). I have no excuse for it, but the creditor had no choice but to close it. I have an automatic monthly payment plan to pay off the balance. Is there any way I can get rid of this negative inquiry from my credit report?

  20. I am 20 years old and had my parents cosign for my car a year ago. I have made every payment on time and also added smaller payments here and there to help pay off quicker. I also have my phone bill that’s has never been late. I applied for a small credit card to help build credit and wasn’t really sure the best way to use it. So I did max it out and was making more than the minimum payments, but I did not pay it off cause I figured it would not help my credit paying it off every month. I swapped jobs and went a few weeks with out a pay check and I kept up with all my payments but decided I could miss a payment on my credit card. The next 2-3 months I just paid the minimum amount and I had a credit score of 750 and didn’t check it for awhile until I had 2 inquiries rejected for bad credit. So I checked it and my credit score is now like a 600!! Is there anything I can do to help with my mistakes? If not what should I do from this point to build my credit score back up? I was looking at buying my first home since I just finished my schooling but now that isn’t going to happen. any advice us appreciated, thank you!

  21. I have a school loan and I was late on my payments more than 90 days but it was because the company (sallie mae) had my address wrong and I was not receiving any mail. my credit went from 710 to the mid 500 because of that. I wrote a letter to them explaining what had happened along with a copy of my credit report. is this enough to get it removed has any one gone thru the same problem? can it be removed? thank you

  22. Just had a question. I have 3 late payments on toyota. Two were from paying on the 30 days late, just at a later hour than allowed, the other one being a day past the 30 days late. I know that contacting them would likely get rid of one of these marks, as I did as much once last year with them. My question is what is the best recourse for getting rid of the other two marks?

  23. I transferred my student loans to Fedloan Servicing for forbearance and when the period expired, they dinged me for failing to make my first payment on time. I thought I had setup the payment through their online system but due to an error in completing the transaction it didn’t go through. So, I have a 60-day late payment (but have 15 months of on time payments since then onwards). I sent them a goodwill letter but they responded that it due to a law, they cannot remove my negative marker. Is there anything that can be done?

    1. Sounds like one of those companies who won’t easily budge. You could try again.. or give Lexington Law a call and see if they can help you. 1-844-764-9809. Good luck!

  24. I had a Best Buy account that has went to collections (RJM). Best Buy was charging me for something I wasn’t aware of or failed to pay attention on, I’m not sure what happened. The extra charge was for $29.99 in order to monitor my credit history. Well I don’t recall asking for this service and they have been charging me for a couple or months. I told them to remove it or I will discontinue my Auto-pay ( I had some balance left on my account from a laptop I bought from them at this point). Well I tell you this “Blood Suckers” wouldn’t remove it and my naive 22 years old ass stopped paying. Now at 27 I suffer by it. Now to my question, if I ask for “pay for delete” and I am successful with it. Will the collection agency remove the late payment derogatory marks with it? Or will I need to contact Best Buy for that? Or will I contact the collection agency for a second time so they can remove the late payments too? I appreciate the help in advance Mr. Greeley!!!

    1. I have no connections with Best Buy at this point. I cuss/damn them when I pass by their store. What is my option. I didn’t want to wait another two years (total seven years) as I am looking to make a major purchase in the near future. Thanks again Mr. Greeley!

  25. I was just in the phone for 4o minutes with capital one due to them reporting a 30 day late fee in both of my accounts. I was late 2 days after the due date on one and never late in the other. My credit score dropped over 40 points. The rep said she could only take care of the one that they did the error on and stated there’s nothing that can be done for the other. I begged for a customer cortesy as I’ve been a customer for 4 yrs and never been late. She said there’s nothing she could do. I googled my options to dispute and found this website. I called capital one again, spoke to someone else and asked for a goodwill adjustment and was granted one. That call took 10 minutes. I called 2 hours apart from each other. Thanks for providing this info to the public!!! Great information that gets results!

  26. Gettington reported a late payment and now my credit score dropped 70 points! I am in the process of getting a mortgage. I have called them over and over and over . Always they tell me it’s against company policy to remove things like late payments etc. Any ideas?

  27. If I pay off a car note that had late payments reported on it – will the car loan still show the late payments on my credit report? If it shows paid in full, will it still show the late payments?

      1. Hi Ryan – I co-signed an auto-loan with my daughter and she missed several payments. I made those payments when I realized they were late. I finally ended up paying the loan off to be done with it and avoid any more late payments (two years early I might add!!). So, those three late payments are dragging my credit score down (they are from 2013). How willing do you think would Wells Fargo Bank be in removing the late payments?

  28. I have paid off all my loans, but I have late late payments for some of these accounts on my credit report. How can I get them taken off?

  29. if i paid my last car payment before the due date even though it was previously late shouldn’t my reports say it was closed in the month i made the payment? i paid 2-17-13 my next due date was 2/22/13 they reported me late in feb and closed in march. after many disputes they changed it to say closed in dec 2014. they were reporting every month BEFORE my due date to experian so the had to report closed 3-1-13 as they had already reported feb on 2-16-13. how is this legal?

  30. I provided a goodwill letter to the Credit Card company and received a letter that they have requested removal of the late charges. When I call the Credit Bureaus , they say they have no such information. Its 15 days since the request is made as per the Credit Card company and they provided a reference number. The Equifax customer rep does not have knowledge of this reference number nor can help verify that they have received such information. Please help what do I do. I have a closing settlement in 15 days.

    1. Have you tried calling the credit card company? Keep in mind that it could take up to a month to reflect on your credit report. It’s unlikely that Equifax would have the info on hand if you called them. I’d wait a month or so, then contact the credit card company and let them know nothing has updated.

  31. I missed a payment to ExxonMobil (whom I’ve been a good customer for 24 years) recently because they did not have my new contact information and we were very busy preparing to list our home. I got the matter settled but the negative mark on my credit report destroyed my credit making me no longer eligible for a mortgage.

    After talking with 2 managers they were very polite but basically told me that there is a new law stating that they cannot remove the blemish where in the past they would. Is this true? Should I take a different approach? I have since paid off 1/2 the amount I owed on the card.

  32. Hi,

    I had a late payment in 2010 March with Capital one. However, I took a payment protection plan. I lost my job in 2010 March and went back to my country for 3 months and after reposting. I got my statements and paid my balance and since then I never missed a payment. In 2010 I thought since I have a payment protection plan they said I have to call them and inform them that I lost job, which I didn’t because I had to leave country as soon as possible. The late payment didn’t show up in my account for many years and it showed up in 2013 and I disputed it through equifax and after 30 days it the late payment went off from all the credit reports and the dispute was expired and completed. I thought all is well. I am currently in a process of buying a house and last week my lender pulled my credit and told me I have a existing dispute which was not closed and he asked me call capital one and close it and he said he cannot close a mortgage loan with a dispute on a credit report. I called capital one and then they reopened the late payment and now my credit score dropped by 50 p0ints. Now no lender is willing to give me a good deal because of my credit and my payment monthly payment went up by $700 and they are asking me to go for FHA with MI. My closing is in 15 days . Is there anything I can do now? Please suggest.

  33. I’m 22 yrs old and I have a credit card with a small credit limit that is used solely for school. I didn’t have the money to pay it a few months and it negatively effected my credit score. And I’ve been late before because I didn’t have a job but now I’m working and can pay on this balance. My score is currently in the low 600’s but I want to get it to a safe number. I pay all my other bills on time (cell, insurance, etc.). Given my age and previous late payment history, what is the likelihood that they would accept my offer to sign up for auto pmts and remove the late fees?

  34. Wow, I thought it would be a good idea to search online just to see if there were any methods to removing late payment entries on my credit report.

    I have never had a credit card, apartment lease, car payments, bills, ect. except for the student loans I took out several years ago.

    Now that I am a working graduate student, I need to begin managing new lines of credit! …Unfortunately, as a naive 18 or 19 something-or-other, I managed to tank my credit score. I am not certain what the standard or average score is for a person who has no opened any line of credit, but I would at least like to get to that point and remove my late payments on my student loans – 9 to be exact!

    As of now, I am in forbearance until the Fall Semester, at which time I will go back into deferment.

    I will be receiving funding and am eligible to take out additional loans. Should I negotiate a payment plan, or pay in-full, in return for dropping late payments on my report?

    I don’t think the goodwill method will work best for me given that I dropped out for a year, went into near default on my loan, then started up class again (which put off my responsibility to pay the loans), and then graduated, went into my grace period, then forbearance, and soon deferment. In other words, I have not made a single payment!

    Any other insights would be helpful.
    Thanks again for the resource.

  35. I have 2 late payments on my credit report and I tried to get them removed myself but to no avail. I decided to give Lexington law a try and I think it’ll work out. They have a very well put together system, and for inquires, they have already written letters on your behalf to the creditors and bureaus ready to be printed and mailed to have them removed. So worth the money thus far!!

  36. hello Ryan, Great insight!

    I have a question. I had a credit card that was charged off a few months ago and now I’m paying it off and will be completed in August. I’m looking to get an apartment next year but the last payment history will be a dark cloud over my credit. I did a credit check and my score is pretty bad. How long will it stay on my file after I pay it off. 7 years? What can I do to improve my credit


    1. It will stay on your credit report for 7 years. Here is what I’d do: I’d offer to pay the charge-off in full if they agree to remove it from your credit report. Make sure you get it in writing before paying them anything.

  37. Hi, thanks for the tips. I wrote a goodwill letter to my Credit Union Bank, apologizing for a late payment I made 2 years ago. I was just trying to explain the reason that happened. The manager not only called me back 5 min after I dropped it off saying that there is absolutely nothing he could do to remove it from my records but also reminding me that it will stay there for 7 years. I’ve got to say he is a bitter man, I know him for awhile now.
    Is it really true he has no power over this or he just does not want to do? Did I make a mistake bringing the letter to the manager at my branch?
    If anybody knows please, tell me. I have a feeling he does not like me.
    Appreciate your time to answer it.

      1. I have just had a very similar conversation with my credit union. About a year ago I had a single month reported at 30 days past due. I called them today and asked if they could make a goodwill removal of the reported late payment. They told me that not only could they not, but they could be fined by the credit bureaus for falsifying the report. This credit union only has three people in their credit/collections department and I spoke with two of them. No other person to call at this point there.

  38. Great advice! I called my creditor and asked them to remove my late payments, as I have been on time for over a year now, use auto-pay, and pay off my balance every month. It took about a half hour to get to the right person and get it all done, but it was well worth my time.

    I have also done the dispute thing which works great, too.

    I’m going to try to negotiate with my final creditor, so we’ll see how that goes.

  39. Hi Ryan, I need some help. I’ve been trying to remove a late payment on my credit report for months from a car lease payment with no success. It was back in Janurary and had my account paid every month with their finance on autopay and in February I saw it showed up being delinquent. I only realized this because I had the transunion monitoring. They removed me from the autopay which didn’t pay them, I advised it had to be a system error of theirs because I’ve never been late nor missed a payment. I asked f they can remove it and they said they can’t. I wrote the creditor a letter and yet no response. What can I do? Previous credit went from about 830 to a 690 because of it. I have been trying to get it back and currently at a 710.

  40. Hi Ryan,

    I was late on payment to Dillards by one day was curious to know if they would actually report it to CRA or just stick me with the late fee. Also I payed more than minimum when i sent payment in would that help or does that not matter.

  41. I just got off the phone with Chase Bank to remove a delinquent payment from 2009. It was very easy to do. Just called the number provided on the credit report, asked them if I could get a late payment removed from my account (the account has been closed for a while and I was an authorized user, not the primary), they transferred me to the ‘credit bureau team’ and he was able to remove the late payment. It took about 10 minutes.

  42. Hi Ryan,

    We had a Best Buy credit card account opened in 2011 for some appliance we purchased for 2 year period (upto 2013 Feb to get paid off). We paid every month on time diligently and account was in good standing. This was with Capitol One as they were holding Best Buy credit card business at the time. However in Jan 2013 for the first time our payment got delayed by 30 days as we were moving from one state to another. In the mix of moving, we somehow missed the payment and the reminder statement went to the old address. By the time it got forwarded by a friend, it was late by a few additional days over 30 which put our last payment (with late fees) in beginning of Mar. Capitol One reported this to the credit bureau as a 30 day late. My credit score which was 753 came down to mid 600’s with this one entry. I dont have any other delinquencies or late payments on my history. I just came to know this as we are in process of buying a home. In Aug the lender had pulled the report at 753 and gave us a solid pre-approval which has changed now during closing in last 2 months.

    I called Capitol one and they keep saying they dont have records for us as they sold that business to Citi. We called Citi and they keep saying that they never reported so they cannot do anything for us to help us. Going back to Capitol, they asked us to dispute the case and then they will be forced to look into our accounts. I am so confused. Another guy at Capitol gave us a PO Box address to Credit dealings dept of Capitol to write them a letter explaining our situation and at the same time dispute so that when credit bureau reaches out to them, they have already had a heads up.

    I will lose my earnest money if this resolution doesnt happen anytime soon. Can you please advice what can be done here?


      1. How does the 7 years work—I have something that was opened on March 13, 2008–but closed at a later date should it fall off in March 2015 or at the way later closed account date

  43. Very useful information, thanks! Was able to get a late payment removed from my jcpenney card by asking for a goodwill adjustment and also offering to sign up for automatic payments. I also gave them my cellphone number and assured them it would never happen again. Mind you I did have to call more than once. First person would not accept anything I offered but the second time I called, the guy was very nice about it and had no problem removing the late payment. So it does take some convincing. Keep trying and good luck to you all!

    1. Who did you write to? I have an Ann Taylor Loft card that has 3 30-day late payments. The last one was in 2013. I’d like to write a goodwill letter and/or make a call. What department did you write to?

  44. I had a 9 dollar charge on my Macy’s in dec that I totally forgot about. I always pay my accounts on time. This time I forgot I had charged it.. They didn’t have my phone no. on file. I didn’t realize I had a past due until the creditors sent me an email recently that one of my accts were delinquent. Macy’s was the last card on my mind. I called them just two days ago and they were able to take the two late fees off however they said they can’t take care of the negative reporting. How bad would it hurt my credit? Nt to mention I just had my first baby so I just forget things easily now. Not that they care:( I’m just worried because we were thinking of buying a house.

  45. I have three credit cards that I mostly use for my purchase. I have a pretty high balance more than $1,000 per each and I’ve been paying these every months. I cannot pay in full, but I’ve been paying more than minimum. Does it also hurt my credit score??

    I have several late payments too. I asked credit card companies about my late payments in the past, and they said
    it would’t not hurt my credit score as long as if I do not pay past more than 60 days. I’m so much worried about my credit score now. Thanks Ryan


    1. Are the late payments actually listed on your credit report as late? If so, they will hurt your score. Yes, having a high balance can hurt your credit score.. Try to pay them down as much as you can.

  46. Macys has me in tears. In store a few months ago they said I was eligible for an upgraded card as I had a card from 1997 – the verified my personal info. I later found out the gathered this info to make a “new credit request” inquiry, which upset me, as this was not communicated. They sent me a Macy’s/AMEX card. I have my Macy’s account set up on paperless statement. Well, I mistakenly used the AMEX card outside of Macy’s for $ 3.24. Any outside Macy’s charges were not shown on line,. they are a separate account. This $3.24 went 60 days past due ( paid my Macy’s account online 5 times in full during this period) Saw it come through my identity monitorin account. My credit score went from 786 to 640? Macy’s says they can’t remove. I have asked can’t or won’t. Have been down this road with them during hurricane Katrina and they never fixed that either after calls, letters, CB disputes, it just feel off at the end of 7 years. I just lost the offer on my loft bid ( first homeower) over the weekend because of this. Any other recommendations from a “wanna” be homeowner that feels dupped by small print or something?

    1. OMG, I have an almost identical problem with Macy’s. My wife has a card and I applied for one to get a discount (for some major purchase). Now my wife’s charges go on my bill and I’m signed up for paperless billing. My wife owed $20, it went over 30 days past due and my credit score took a serious hit.

    2. same thing happen to me, my credits dropped from 780 to 690 because of only 6 dollars , and i dont even remember when and how that was happen. Just call the Macy’s credit bureau this morning and the representative side they cant remove it either . I asked if i could talk to someone else who may help, and the representative was really rude, said there is nothing they could do. Because of the serious hurt on my credit, I cant get a house mortgage be approved , which is really annoy. I am contacting credit repair specialist , hope they could help me to solve it .

    3. Same thing happened. Infact i returned stuff and my balance was positive and they didnt count returns as payment i believe. I called macys and they are not willing to listen. I disputed it with all credit bureau. lets see what it turns out to be.. else i dont mind running a social media campaign as to how Macys is destroying innocent ppl credit history thereby destroying their lives..

  47. I received the same response; she said it was because it was more than 12 months ago. It didnt make sense to me but CS Mgr made me second-guess myself and the conversation ended. I searched for the supposed law and did not find anything. (Happily stumbled upon this site- THANK YOU Ryan for giving me additional confidence/support from this site!) I also scanned 84 pages of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and wrote down some information as ammo. (FCRA promotes accuracy, fairness and privacy in files of consumer reporting agencies; it was their duty to correct and update the information, etc)
    In my situation, 2+ years ago my account went to 90day delinquency; I attempted to make an online payment on the due date, which happened to be on the weekend – was unable to complete the process resulting in initial ‘late pay’. I contacted them-they said they’d correct it – they didnt – late pay #2. I contacted them again, was credited for all late fees and finance charges and was told they would correct it with credit bureaus. They didnt. (turned out their system was not accepting my bank’s routing number)
    I called earlier this evening and spoke to an extremely unaccomodating agent that kept talking over me – I used the word freakin’ she accused me of using profanity and hung up on me. SIDE NOTE: At the beginning of our conversation I asked what notes were on my account, she told me there were notes that I had called last week and notes indicating that my account had been closed due to too many delinquencies (but nothing regarding ‘why’ the account was delinquent)
    I called back and told another agent I was trying piece together my history as reported late and wanted to know what ‘notes’ were on my account. He told me there were no notes from 2 years ago. I explained to him what happened, made my statement containing info from the FCRA, and he then passed me to a Manager (happened to be the same one I spoke to last week). She again told me she couldn’t change previously reported information – I asked her what law was prohibiting her from being able to (response: Federal Credit Card Act), I asked what section of the law supports her statement, she couldnt give me that or the verbiage of the law. I told her I wanted her to write a letter – she immediately said OK – asked her exactly what the letter would say and who she was sending it to. So – she is sending a letter to the 3 bureaus asking them to remove the delinquencies sending a copy to me (copy to me per my request), and told me I would have to follow up with the bureaus myself. Fine with me as long as I have that letter.

  48. I have late payment on my cc from comenity bank I paid in ful 3 days after due date I called in the repersentative put a note on my account saying it wasnt late and also removed late fee I called back in to c if the note was on the account another repersentative told me to write a letter and to state the issue do I send a goodwill letter or a correction letter to them??
    Thanks ryan

  49. Can I call my former creditor listed on the credit report or is writing a letter more preferred for the Goodwill Adjustment?

    I had an old loan from Toyota Motor Credit that has been paid off and closed since May 2010. I have paid on time 57/60 months so the remaining 3 months were marked 30 days late. Two of those were from February and May 2008 when I was laid off in January 2008 and job hunting during most of 2008. I was also recovering from back surgery in May 2008. The last one from May 2009 was just a bad oversight.

    1. Hi Andy – I would write a letter. Calling a creditor is always risky — they can be pretty tricky with their collection methods over the phone.

  50. I cosigned on my brother in laws HELOC – he has been late 12 times in 7 years, and I never recieved any notices from the bank on it, and Now I my credits shot, I have know other debt and no late payments on cards.

    Shouldn’t I have recieved the late payments.

  51. Ryan,

    First of all I would like to thank you for your help and feedback given to all of use on your blog. My question that I have is about a 30 day late payment that shows on my credit report. In Sep. and Oct. I payed my account late because I lost my job. Since then I have had no issues and paid all my bill on time. My credit score is 725 and I’m looking to purchase my first home. I have tried all three of the above steps with no resolve. You help and feedback as to what I should do next would be greatly appreciated.
    Sorry i wrote so much and thanks in advance for reading.

  52. I need some advice on how to handle my situation. I have about 7 accounts considered negative on my credit report, most from many years ago but I paid off 5 of then in 2010 and the last 2 in February of 2011. They are all still on my credit report as paid. The only problem is I am only sure of 2 accounts that I can remember going delinquent, the others I don’t know about or don’t remember because I was irresponsible when I was 18-20 and honestly don’t remember if these accounts were opened by me or even what they were. I simply paid off all debt at once that I had very quickly in order to join the military. My question is should I attempt to hit all these companies with goodwill letters or dispute the information because I honestly don’t know what is right and isn’t?

  53. My student loan company posted a 90 day late payment on my credit report 8 months ago. I didnt have a job at the time and couldnt afford to pay. Looking back, I should have deferred the payment, but didnt know better. I have always made my payment on time for the last 8 months. How do I get them to remove the 90 day late payment from my credit report? Will signing up for automatic bank payment make a difference?

  54. I tried the “Goodwill Letter” and it did not eork both of my student loans sent me this!! 🙁

    Per Federal Regulations, we are obligated to report delinquent accounts to the National Credit Bureaus once the account becomes 60 days or more past due

    Unfortunately, we are unable to remove the credit report, once it was a legitimate reporting that was made. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

  55. I had my Capital One online account locked because of a past due balance. Interestingly enough, I hadn’t used the card the card in almost a year and I maintained a zero balance. When I called customer service they said I owed $178 and that I was 92 days delinquent. I paid the balance and got off the phone. I then came to this website and regrouped myself. I called back and spoke to an agent who didn’t have any answers for me. I asked if he could remove the late payment being reported to the credit bureaus. I asked why I hadn’t received any info about being overdue. He said that Capital One calls when this situation arises. I said, Great, when did you call last? He said he couldn’t see that info. Long story shorter, I asked to speak to a supervisor. A woman came on and I explained the situation. She looked into it and realized that my $39 annual fee had hit back in July and since I wasn’t using my card there was no way I would have expected charges to accrue. She removed all charges back to the $39, awesome! And she sent info to the credit bureaus to have the late payment removed. Win-win! Unfortunately, I am in the middle of underwriting my refinance and I’m sure this is going to be a red flag that I didn’t know even existed. Lesson here for me, I switched back to paper statements and set up auto pay.

  56. Hi Ryan,

    I have a question. I have student loans through AES, in 2008 and 2009 I had several late payments. I was granted a retro-active forbearance on my acct for all of the missed payments, which would bring my acct current. However I recently checked my credit (1st time since the forbearence) and it shows all the late payments on the credit report, I contacted AES and was told that they would not change it, and that they do not offer “GoodWill deletions”, I was curious how this is possible, When the missed payments were added to the credit report, the information was correct…however since I was granted a retroactive forbearance, putting the months when I missed in forbearance and bringing me current shouldn’t it be their duty under subsection 623(a)(2) of the FCRA to update my credit report to reflect not having late payments? Since according to their current files, I was not technically late? This seems like a very gray area to me. Also I want to add, since this time these accounts have been refinanced by me, through great lakes and are paid off through refianancing. Thanks

  57. Hello,
    I have tried everything to get a 30 day late payment removed. I have been a member of the credit union for over 30 years and this was my first late payment. The CEO REFUSES to remove it from my credit report. She is a ruthless individual who micromanages the credit union and takes everything to a personal level.

    There you have it. Whats more she intercepts all correspondence sent to the Board of Directors and all other correspondence sent is directed to her office. I have one other tactic I am presently using. One of the former board members is running for office. I am going to address my concerns to him and ask him why I should vote for someone who could serve on a board for an institution that treats its customers so badly.


  58. Hi Ryan

    Thanks for the excellent blog.

    My credit report has recently shown a late payment back in February 2012. I first took out a credit card with Barclay in December 2011. That was my first ever credit card. Being a newbie and not fully understanding the payment system, I paid extra for my 1st statement, thinking that it would cover my second statement too and hence did not make a payment for the 2nd statement. So, e.g. my 1st statement was £14. I made a payment of £150 towards this thinking that it would cover some amount I have spent on my 2nd statement and therefore I would not be needing to make a payment towards my 2nd statement. I know it’s silly but I had NO experience whatsoever!

    So, I have explained this to my bank over the phone and asked them to remove this late payment record. They said the best they can do is to offer me a reversal of the late payment penalty which they did, and also send me a letter testifying that my account is now in good order i.e. that they are not in arrears. They said that I could forward this letter to the credit agent if I wish but they could not physically amend the credit files removing the late payment entry at all. This will mean that the late payment entry will stay on my credit file right?

    The customer service guy was cheeky and only at the end of the conversation where he said that the credit file could ONLY be amended in exceptional circumstances, such as long term illness at hospital, bereavements or accidents. He replied with “None of this applies to you based on what you have told me”.

    This was a genuine mistake and I have since set up a direct debit payment to clear the entire balance every month. I even told him such and he still insisted he could not help me further. (Tried method 2 above)

    What is your view on this Ryan? I am looking to apply for a mortgage soon and really don’t want this tiny silly mistake to stop the application!!

    I was planning to write a formal letter to the bank “explaining” that my mortgage application has been rejected due to this and would be ever so grateful if they can remove this entry from the credit file. (Your method 1?)

    I would really appreciate any advice from you Ryan.

    Many thanks

  59. I am working on a Re-fi for my home, and was told that if I could get my credit rating up 39 points, I woud be eligible for a re-fi, otherwise tough luck. The mortgage broker, who is a person I deem trustworthy, suggested that I work with a professional (for about $200.) to write legal letters to the credit agancies for me on past delinquencies, and follow up on them. It sounds like a good deal, because I will save a lot if the refi goes through, plus having a rating over 700 would do me good in all my dealings. Do you think it is worth hiring a professional, so I don’t bungle it, or miss anything?

  60. Here’s my story it seems a bank I used to have a checking account with back in about 2002 submitted information to the Credit Bureaus saying i had an auto loan with their bank. I would never have known this and didn’t find out till 2011 when I applied for a loan at my Bank. I was initially turned down for a small loan because my credit score was low my banker told me he had no choice because of the auto loan the other bank said I had was in default. I contacted the bad Bank which gave me a copy of my loan contract. The problem was I was not the borrower a woman was and the person they claimed was me was a co-borrower. When the bad bank was notified of the breach of my personal information they actually laughed about and agreed to send my banker a letter stating they screwed up they also sent me a letter saying they would have this off my credit report within 72 hours. That was 9 months ago and it’s still on my record.The bank basically stole my identity then used their error against me by reporting to the Credit Bureaus false information. The Credit Bureaus on the other hand have either failed to correct this false information after being notified or they were never notified to delete this inaccurate info. As I see it it pits the bad bank against the credit bureau at this point. My credit score has suffered I am a small business owner a trucker that depends on credit at times. I am no longer in a position to obtain credit for my business if I have a major break-down I stand to lose what I’ve struggled to obtain thru the recession etc. Besides the sleepless nights I’ve had to endure and the lower credit score which now follows me it also explains why my homeowners insurance went up forty percent it also explains why I have been denied for credit cards with a credit line of as little as 500 dollars! Who is actually responsible for this mess the Bank the Credit Bureaus or both? I live in a small NE Tennessee community where the good ol boy policy is king the bank is without fault and the only Attorney I’ve spoken with says the Bank will swamp him with legal motions and he’ll be hard pressed to get future work in the area because of the power of the bank.This is wrong I feel I’ve been harmed and would like to sue this Bank along with the CB for the harm I’ve suffered I would also like this to be Public knowledge for all to see in my area so others will be aware of what a Bank can do along with the CB’s.Any input on this matter will be appreciated. Thanks.

  61. My Dillard’s credit card has been paid off since 2008 but they are still reporting 60 days late by two payments in past 10/2008 . How can I remove that.

  62. I have a few late payments on my credit report that I want to get taken off. I’ve heard I should dispute it before I try a goodwill letter. What if I don’t have back up to send when trying to dispute?

  63. I’m in the same boat, i paid off alll of my old collections, and disputed them. When you dispute they just correct information, they don’t take it off. how do I get rid of them, so i can buy a house. my credit score is a 580? HELP If ANYONE CAN!

  64. Hi I was curious, my husband is REBUILDING his credit now but is there anyway to fix this situation 100%?
    We had bought a living room set and were paying monthly for it, we moved a little before the payments were completed but had always had it on autopay. For some reason (we were told by the company that the final payment amount was not the same amount owed for final payment) the last payment was never made all of $50. We never received a letter or phone call (address had changed not phone #) saying the payment was not made until several mo later we found out when one of my husbands credit cards dropped from a 6500 limit to a 1000 limit. and somehow in that process was the exact time we purchased honeymoon tickets to hawaii on that card, it was approved, but put us well over the limit.
    I know that NOW this is illegal but at the time it wasnt. The credit card account and the furniture account are now paid in full and closed, but because of this my husband went from a 730 credit score to a 500 something. he is now finally going up and he is at a 638. But we want to buy a house now.
    Is there anything we can do to improve his score from all the hits it took from that one stupid payment?

  65. I requested to have a late payment dating back in April 2009, they said they are unable to satisfy my demand “The modifications can be carried out in the following months, but in your case, it has been too long. We no longer have access to your credit history from 2009.”

    Is this true? I e-mailed saying:


    Is there any way to do so? I have heard that other companies have directly contacted the credit bureau to tell them to withdraw this information as they will write down what they are told. If you made a formal request to remove this single late payment directly from Equifax, Transunion, and the third credit bureau they would respect your request.

    Please let me know what can be done as this is causing me great stress for accessing capital.

  66. Hi Ryan, I desperately want to purchase a home, within the next month. I’ve been trying to bring my credit scores up. I’ve been late on the walmart card and late on my hsbc card. Walmart closed the account. Is there anyway I can get the late payment erased on this closed account? My current scores are: Trans – 605, Exp – 545 and Equ – 565. Please tell me what I can do to bring up these scores. Thanks for your response.

  67. I have several late payments on a vehicle that was recently paid off…I would like to buy a house soon but that is the main thing holding me back. Any ideas?

  68. I was late on payment of $18 to macys and i was out of country for two months. They reported it to collection and They could not fix it even after talking to them multiple times . I have asked them to take it off on my credit score which they said they wont do it. They said the only thing i can do is – “You will just call and inform them that you want to dispute the entry on your credit report form Macy’s. The numbers to the credit bureaus are as follows: Equifax 1-800-685-1111, Transunion – 1888-397-3742, and Experian – 1-800-888-4213. ” . Can you please let me know how to do this?

        1. Macy’s is messing with me as well. Suchi, it would be helpful if you could post the outcome of your disputes here.

          1. I just got off the phone with Macy’s (6/22/12) about a 30 day late payment report from 2011. They said that because of the legislative changes they can no longer go back into a report and remove the 30 day late. They said prior to 2008 they could do this, but now the LAW prohibits them from making any changes to a credit report. I sent them a letter anyway…. but they told me they can not legally change it. Is this true? Any way around this? Has anyone gotten a late payment removed in 2012?

          2. Hi ,
            I have the same issue with my macys card . i have recently moved and had been busy.I did not receive any statements in mail . and i missed the payment for two months . It was a just payment of $30 . I spoke with customer service and they said they reported to credit bureau. I paid the late fee and cleared the amout and requested them to remove that from creidt report but they said they cant do it . they told to dispute and prove that i havent been receiving statements either electronically/ mail . please help

    1. Any update on this with Macy’s. I have one late payment of $20 and they say they cannot report false information. And they cannot remove it and say it was feasible earlier but not off late. Is this. True? Please provide any update.

  69. hello-i have a question. my husband is deployed rite now- i thought he had set the account to auto pay but i was wrong-and he got a late payment mark on his credit.. Do you think calling would maybe get it removed? How long til the score is updated if they do take stuff off?

  70. @Emma – from what I understand from previous posts made by @Ryan, try offering autopay as a way to solve the late payment behaviour… and in return erase the negative reportings…

  71. I have been in collections and I recently noticed 2 things: 1. an old collection from 2007 is showing a new open date as of 9/2011. This card now shows on my credit report twice, how can I remove the most recent one as SOL approach for my old. Every creditor that has sent me letters never validates the claim so I will not negotiate pay off if I do not know they are legal. 2. I am also noticing new collection of small amounts $50 and $115 and they are not mine, the credit report shows account name collection with letters and numbers as the name and the acount number is different letters and numbers. I have no clue where this is coming through how do I remove it and stop it from damaging my credit score.

    1. Hmmm… you really need to look over your credit report with a fine tooth comb .. verify everything with the agencies… if something is not yours, make sure you’re not a victim of identify theft

      1. I had surgery last year and believe the small amounted collections of $50 and $115 are from that. My surgery is a workers comp case and I NEVER received a bill for these. I called and ask for them to send me the validation and explained i never received. the bill went to another address and they had my old number that has been disconnected prior to the surgery. I still have not received the letter. But now how do I get an old collection from 2007 which is now under a new collection agency reporting as 9/2011. I monitor my report with credit keeper and they stated it does not matter says 9/2011 because that is not the origination date. but doesnt this still bring down my credit score? I have sent letters for validation and the CA sends alittle blurb saying this is validation and states where it originated and the amount then and now. It does not validate they can collect in my state. Is there a website to go on and check their supposed license # or agency to see if legite?
        thank you I am so lost in trying to do what I can to rebuild my credit.

          1. Ryan, I resolved my small collections they were due to my surgery so I paid them as being the correct thing to do. My other issue is a collection out on my credit report it states as date 9/2011. This card originated in 2008! When I called the credit bureau they state it does not matter the new date of 2011 since it goes by the original collection of 2008. Doesnt it lower my score showing on my report as date 2011? I have never seen another collection show with a new date.
            Also do you know anything about judgements? I have one from 2009 and I never had papers served with a court date. Can I get this dismissed or vacated? What can I do to remove it from my report/records. I know it is damaging my credit tremendously! thank you

  72. I am having trouble with Macy’s, they say they cannot remove by law and must report all late fees. In my case there were 3 in a row but I told them it was due to medical reasons and still nothing. My account is still active and zero balance. What else can i do?

  73. I’m sure this sounds completely ridiculous, but I have been late 25 times o my nicor gas account. I didn’t know that they report this to the 3 credit bureaus. They are severely damaging my credit report and I was wondering if you had any advice on how to get them off. I haven’t yet tried the goodwill letter. I have tried calling and they said they couldn’t do anything. Any comments and suggestions are appreciated, Thanks

  74. I stumbled across this site while attempting to clean up my own credit report. I have found that in the last few months that the easiest way to dispute items is to start a dispute with the BBB. I have tried writing dispute letters and letters of Validation to past creditors. None of them care UNTIL you involve the Better Business Bureau.

  75. I am on the phone with HSBC right now and they are telling me they cannot as well. I already wrote a letter and received the response that they could not do it. I’ve asked for manager after manager- but they still say they cant. what else can i do? i wont rest til this is over. Its my only card I was a cosigner on it and it was reported 30 days late- i found out and paid off the entire balance and closed the account so the card holder couldnt miss anymore.

  76. I sold my house a year ago, and have one late payment that I didn’t make to my mortgage company due to medical reason as well as moving into a rental. I have been disputing with both the credit bureaus and GMAC. I was never late in the 5 years I had a loan with this lender. I now have a bank that is willing to give me a new loan if I can remove this late payment. My credit is in the mid 700 range. Any suggestions or sample letter. Thanks

    1. Dear Sir or Madam

      This letter is in reference to a 30 day late payment on the account number

      In 2011 a 30 day late payment was sent to you due to a series of hardships and medical problems in my life. While I normally make great strives to honor my debts and fulfill my responsibilities, I had not remembered I owed such a low balance and assumed I had paid in full.

      I am now trying to buy a home, however I am having difficulties receiving an affordable rate due to having a late payment on my account. I am kindly hoping, given the date and amount of this late payment, if your agency would consider removing this from my credit report as a gesture of goodwill. This kind gesture would sincerely be appreciated and an invaluable gift to my family and I.


  77. I sold my house a year ago, and have one late payment that I didn’t make to my mortgage company due to medical reason as well as moving into a rental. I have been disputing with both the credit bureaus and GMAC. I was never late in the 5 years I had a loan with this lender. I now have a bank that is willing to give me a new loan if I can remove this late payment. My credit is in the mid 700 range. Any suggestions or sample letter. Thanks

  78. hey, I know that they can remove these items you just need to do it in writing disputing the O.C. name address amount of bill and phone number dates and WHO the person that investigated this delinquent account.

  79. Tell them to show you where in the Fair Credit Reporting Act it states that they CANNOT remove it and that it is illegal? The Fair Credit Reporting Act does not demand that all accounts be reported, only that any account that is reported be reported accurately. Therefore, a company does have legal discretion and permission to remove any account it chooses from the credit report.

  80. Is it a fraud when Credit Bureaus report inaccurate information on your report? Is it fraud when a creditor reports wrong information to Credit Bureaus regarding your account?

    This inference that “knowing a late payment was made” and disputing such late payment is fraud is preposterous.

    A late payment can be late for various reasons. Sometimes automatic payments are not made because these big banks had problems with processing your payment – you aren’t saying a person is committing fraud in disputing a late payment on your account? You know it was late – why would you dispute it? It is obvious why.

    It is flabbergasting that businesses imposes fear on people with criminal liability all while they are free to make errors, or engage in schemes to impose fees on people without the same fear. All on the consumer right?


  81. I have a late payment with HSBC Bank (via Helzberg Diamonds), and Ive had two CS employees tell me that it’s illegal to do goodwill adjustments, a manager tell me that it’s not company policy, and another CS give me a number to fax a letter to, but the number was not a fax line….

  82. Strategy #1 worked great for me. I just called them and told them I was trying to clean up my credit, asked them to remove it, and they did. It was easy. I wish I knew about this earlier.

  83. So I have been talking with ACS and they have never heard of a Goodwill adjustment and say its illegal via the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
    I told him it wasn’t, and he said to send him the paragraph in which it shows that he could adjust my late payment.

    I see a lot of “it’s not illegal” posts, but no one has backed this up with any evidence. Does anyone know WHERE in the Fair Credit Reporting Act it says they could do a goodwill adjustment?


    1. Jodie, did you ever get ACS to make a goodwill adjustment? I had a 30 day late with ACS in August of 2009 after 2 years of on-time payments and haven’t been late since. It’s the only late payment on my CR and I’d really like to get it removed. I’ll be applying for home loans in the next few months.

  84. To M.S.

    Where you able to resolve your issue, and if so how? I have the same issue I have a late payment back in 2004 and the account was closed some time ago.

  85. What do you do if your account are paid off and they still wont take late paymetns off after a goodwill letter, and disputing as inaccurate? These occured on two accounts in 2007 and I still cant get them removed. Any help would be appreciated.

  86. Negotiated removal by signing up for auto-pay. Sounded like they just didn’t want to have to deal with me. It was my third call to have the late payment removed.

  87. Hopefully you sent your dispute via registered mail with return receipt. If you disputed with the original creditor yourself via the mailing method above they by fcra law have thirty days to comply to send verification you asked for. If its been past thirty days send a letter to credit bureaus with copy of what you sent the O.C. and dispute through them. If O.C. verifys through that and its still not corrected. Send OC a follow up letter asking for verification again. If they do not send it send another letter threatening to sue for damages. That should take care of it.

  88. i recently disputed a capitol one report and asked them to prove it was my account the began adding more money onto the balance owed within days But have still not sent proof if it is my account like a contract or anything
    What can i do in this case does the bureau have to remove it or what

  89. I would say Number 3 Works more often than most. In 2004 I was 18 with a credit card. I got into some trouble and stopped paying it. I recently went and disputed them and they didnt have enough information in my current file to verify that I had opened it.

  90. This article is very useful. For some reason, I’ve always taken the approach, that once something hits your credit report, it is written in stone. I’m doing some credit score remodeling this January, as I really attack my record and score for the long run, and I think that these are some really good ways to get started in boosting your score. Thanks for the advice.


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