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Short Sale Vs. Foreclosure

Reader’s Question Hi Ashley, If you sell a property using a short sale, how does this affect your credit score? How many pionts will it reduce your score? Would I be better off credit-wise by just letting the house go into foreclosure? Thanks! My

Statute of Limitation On Medical Bills

Question A majority of my credit reporting issues are, unfortunately, alot of medical bills I’ve been unable to pay over time. Not sure how these are seen in terms of the statute of limitations, but I recently received a letter from the collection agency

Repairing Credit With A Secured Credit Card

Question I am currently in the process of repairing my own personal credit from a student loan default and they are in the rehabilitation process. I am extremely interested in located a secured card that doesn’t report as secured on my credit report. Can

Debt Settlement Companies Will NOT Improve Your Credit Score

Question I have 120 days past due with my GEMB/LOWES Card so they sold it to another lender who I am paying through a debt counseling co. GEMB/LOWES is reporting my PAY STATUS as 120 days past due although I have not missed a

Repairing Bad Credit? You MUST be Persistent!

Question I have an old Verizon bill for $44 that I didn’t know about. Verizon has sold the account to a collection agency. And the collection agency is listed on my credit report (they list Verizon as the original creditor) I have attempted to

Does Your Spouse’s Credit Score Affect Your Credit Score?

Question Once divorce, does my ex-husband’s credit score get better since the bad debt was under my name? My Response No, credit scores and marriage are not tied together. If you are getting a loan together, they may take both credit scores into account,