10 Surefire Tips for Fixing Bad Credit

During the past week I have written an array of articles that outline the mistakes I made when I first began the process of fixing my bad credit. Scattered throughout these articles, readers will find some of the most valuable information that can be obtained when taking on the task of fixing bad credit. However, I have yet condensed this information into a simple list. Countless emails have found their way into my inbox this week from readers expressing their disappointment that they didn’t come across this information earlier.

If you have paid any attention at all to the recent economic problems being absorbed by Wall Street due to this country’s credit problem, you understand how many people sincerely have credit problems that are crippling their lives in almost every way.

My goal, of course, is to reach as many people as I can. Therefore, I have compiled the following list of tips to fix bad credit for people that may not have time to read all of my in-depth articles. Some of this information is extended in more depth in previous articles, and some of this information I will write about in future articles. I encourage you to scan over each tip, and when you have time, read the full article pertaining to that particular tip.

The 10 Surefire Tips for Fixing Bad Credit

  1. Get a copy for your credit report before contacting a debt collector. You need to know exactly how much you owe –don’t rely on a collection letter.
  2. Never negotiate a debt over the phone. Always negotiate via certified mail. A paper trail provides you legal protections.
  3. Negotiate for negative records to be completely removed from your credit report.
  4. When you are ready to pay off a debt, attempt to contact the original creditor before dealing with a collection agency.
  5. Dispute inaccurate information on your credit report. This includes inaccurate personal information such as address and employment information.
  6. Have at least three lines of credit in good standing for a minimum of two years. Preferable this would be two credit cards and one installment loan. Get a credit card for people with bad credit here
  7. Pay down any student loans 70% if possible. A large amount of student loan debt can weigh heavily on your credit.
  8. Pay down credit cards and maintain a 20/80 debt-to-credit ratio.
  9. Do not close credit card accounts that are in good standing. Keep them open even if you don’t use them. Read my article on keeping credit card accounts open for awhile.
  10. Be patient and remember it takes much less time to screw up your credit than to fix it. The process of fixing bad credit may take you a few years, but if you are persistent, you will find it’s much easier and rewarding than you may think.


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